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YoMeViet3861d ago

Cheaper priced Blu-Ray players anyone?

decapitator3861d ago

This piece of news most certainly confirms that we will be seeing a $299 or less PS3 this year. Sony been a hardware company and all, they have managed to cut the cost of the PS3 price since launch by more than half. Great Job Sony.

Toxic Shock3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Innovation takes time. That time has come. Now comes the Blu-Ray take over. Man at $299 (Allegedly) and more people adopting Blu-Ray PS3 stands in the drivers seat right now. Kudos Sony. Incredible job after falling out of the gates. It seems the upper management decisions they made after the $hit start, really are paying off right now.

Blankman3861d ago

more importantly cheaper ps3's. Hopefully this can help sony introduce cheaper blu ray players as well it is also important for stand alone hi def markets to embrace the new blu ray tech

ravinash3861d ago

Maybe even a PS3 slim one day.

sonarus3861d ago

yep expect a ps3 slim in about 4 yrs and i will definetly get one of those. PS3 is cool and all but slims where its at. I can't stand ppl with multiple ps3's thats jst stupid but if its a slim i can definetly get one

smokeb43861d ago

u need a disc without limts thats blu ray thats why dvd is going to die because it has limits. even if u buy a oled tv blu will do just fine.

games4fun3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

on blu laser shrink rather than cell shrink if sony could patent small laser manufacturing it would be huge for them

Amagai Shuusuke3861d ago

Sony sure knows how to
make things cheaper.

ravinash3861d ago

And to do it without the thing blowing up on ya.

decapitator3861d ago

Agreed. But that not surprising though, seeing as how they are one of the best hardware companies around. I can't wait for the announcement of a new and cheaper PS3 SKU units.

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The story is too old to be commented.