Full Spartan Ops Gameplay

Halo 4 Nation writes: Thanks to Cyren on Reddit for posting this awesome full length Spartan Ops gameplay. Its not a direct screen capture, but its the highest quality version of Spartan Ops gameplay we have seen so far.

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iClenchTatas2049d ago

This guy is terrible, it's crazy that he gets to play the game so early.

wwm0nkey2049d ago

This is SDCC footage and SDCC is a public event so he has every right to play it even if he isnt very good.

(Played it like 20 times at SDCC)

iClenchTatas2048d ago

Are you saying you played it like 20 times? If so, that is awesome.

Psychonaughty2048d ago

Normally I woul go easy on bad players because they are at a show with a new game etc but wow he was bad, looked like he had never played a Halo game before. The game is looking excellent though, this mode is looking 10x better than Firefight ever was.

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Chapulin2049d ago

Looks pretty good but not Killzone good.

h311rais3r2049d ago

Killzone lasts all of 5 hours........and why even bring up a different style of shooter? Besides u can't do half the crap u can do in halo in killzone.

robavila952049d ago

You're right, it's far beyond better than Killzone good.

AusRogo2049d ago

Did you really have to say that? :/ I love Killzone as much as the next guy but I can't deny how good this game does look.

robavila952049d ago

I meant to say Halo is better...

Muffins12232049d ago

killzone is one plays that and you know it.

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nano882049d ago

killzone really dude killzone sucks donkey balls

r212049d ago

i have to disagree with you about kz sucking. both games are great in their own ways.

units2049d ago

Lighting in Killzone is pre baked

William51502048d ago

damn! when that promethian hits that guy its like a freaking hunter hit him!!!!!