Changing the Game: How Gamers Took Gaming Back from Publishers

It's an exciting time for gaming. While NPD reports tell you sales are down and no one is making money, the industry is pushing forward and leaving such news behind. These reports are becoming increasingly less relevant in a digital age, an age where monetization and sales have less and less to do with the retail console market - the only place that data is relevant. In the midst of this turbulent time, with new consoles releasing from the big three within the next 18 months, one oft-ignored market is already changing, and changing fast. The PC market isn't just ahead of the curve, it's paving the whole road, and the people driving that change aren't publishers or console manufacturers, they're you: consumers. Welcome to the revolution.

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Spectator12316d ago

Kickstarter has been great for these tiny devs and one-man games, but I think there's a risk of Kickstarter fatigue among donators which could limit its potential in future.

naznatips2316d ago

I don't think so. I think it'll just be something that becomes a standard sector of the industry.

swirldude2316d ago

I would love to see the big publishers lose some of their edge and see what smaller developers can do! Great article.

"Let's play Name That Generic Military Shooter!"

Uh...Chicken Shoot!?