Wii U Hands on Comments From Comic Con 2012 at Skewed and Reviewed

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted some of his thoughts on the new Wii U system after playing the console again at Comic Con. While he still has concerns about the graphics many of the Nintendo games show, he cites the impressive look of the third party titles.

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metroid322339d ago

Blah Blah Blah this guy is missing the point there are games in development that will put ZombiU to shame and that title is already better looking than any 3rd party game out there ????

There is a Cry Engine 3 game being built ground up as we speak that supports 2 gamepads ect and its meant to look special Cryteks words there not making it ut a partner of them is ??

Zelda+metroid will look stunning in don't forget we have confirmation on the WiiU GPU it's a hybrid E6760/HD6770 so think OpenGl 4.1 instead of Ps3's OpenGl1.0 tweaked ???and Shader model 5.0 instead of 3.0,and Compute Shader 11this is not even on either 360 or ps3 and it basically means a modern take on GPGPU the WiiU gpu is a beast it can do 70% of the work the cpu would normally have to do without loosing any graphics power what so ever FACT.

It would be hard for the wiiu to not do better graphics with them specs m8 get a life the wiiu has 4 launch games that are graphically superior to current gen and that just what we know so far before Gamescom and Nintendo direct ??

The 4 games are Aliens/ZOMBIU/PIKIMIN3/LEGO CITY these games and also Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge also got a texture upgrade and aniations anyway these games are graphically superior over current gen simple so is Trine2 DC.

Garethvk2339d ago

ZombieU,Lego City ACM, and Razor's were not on par graphics wise with Uncharted 3, Halo 4, and several other titles already out for the PS 3 and Xbox 360. While they looked and played great, the titles shown to date do not offer graphics that are better than anything that is currently out. I have played ACM on a PC and Xbox and it looks the same on the Wii U.

I have spent alot of hands on time with the system at three shows now, and while it is fun and the games are awesome, the graphics are not vastly superior to what is already out, they are for the most part the same with the Nintendo titles being inferior and dated. They can be a bit brighter but there is nothing that makes you say wow. I played R.E.6 on an Xbox and Lost Planet 3 on an Xbox later in the day and they both looked better than what was in ZombieU. In a few years when developers really code for the system it will improve. To date, Ravor's is the best looking title I have seen for the system. It was sharp graphically, and very smooth.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Are you sure that the Halo 4 Demo you saw was not for High End PC.

Look at this Article please, see if any of the games you mentioned are culprits:

FinalomegaS2338d ago

I must say,the fact we have comparisons of end gen games vs pre launch games are definitely interesting.

Remember ps3 and 360 ports from ps2 and xbx. Ya we didn't have this much hate for those consoles getting ports. But halo4 and UC3 fully exclusive development with how many years and the devs know the systems inside out compared to what. Zombieu? Sorry but when Nintendo releases any 1st party games like metroid then we can compare apples and apples. Think Ubisoft are going to pull launch games AAA graphic and tax the consoles resources? Wasn't this first killer freaks?

Has capcom even shown anything yet? Wait till they do.

I live in Montreal,best friend works at can't say which developer (promised I wouldn't say) but I can say that the tellent up here can one day rival the best. He doesn't want to spoil it for menu to he said after seeing the guts of the system. He sees great things (he's a wii hater)

I have no doubt that your up close and personal sessions were well explained but right now I'm not expecting the launch line up to blow the current generation away but the bar for launch gaming has gone up by alot. When we get to see the japanese 3rd parties flex their muscles, then we'll see alot more heads turning and eyebrow raising...

quantae062338d ago

Assassin's Creed Wii U has better graphics then ZombiU, so the Wii U can definitely push better graphics from the ground up then ZombiU. Gearbox claimed that ACM is better looking on Wii U then it is on the 360/PS3, so that's not for u to say until u at least played the Wii U version. But personally graphics don't mean everything to me. I don't like any of the XBOX1 or XBOX 360's exclusives except Fable, the rest bore me. I don't play games to look at them, but to play them lol. Games make a console not graphics. High-End PC's will always have better graphics anyways. Big N is gaining a lot more 3rd party support to go along with 1st party games then they did with the Wii. They reported over 100 games already n development for the Wii U also. I'm get a WiiU & a PS4 when it comes out.