What's Wrong With This Picture? -- Ridiculous Female Armor Skins

For years now, a particular theme in gaming has bothered me to one degree or another. The same theme seems present in graphic novels, comic books, even sci-fi and fantasy movies and television to some extent. Look back at books and comics about characters like Red Sonja, or T.V. shows like Xena and a plethora of other fare and you start recognizing something is out of place. That something comes in the form of female armor, and has translated into MMOs as the armor skins drawn by developers for female toons.

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ChrisW2338d ago

To the author,

Grow up and get over it. It's an absurd fact about RPGs that will never go away nor become realistic.

DragonKnight2338d ago

*sigh* You see this is another problem in the "sexism in gaming" B.S. problem that people can't shut up about lately. Realism. Author's like this want realism IN FANTASY RPG'S! Really? This is SUCH a HUGE problem for you personally? You're sitting there playing Skyrim on your PC and you decided to skip some armor mods because you almost vomited after seeing the skimpy armor mods or the body mods and you didn't ONCE look at them and enjoy, even on a small level, what you saw?

BULLSH*T! Articles like these are designed, when written by men, FOR IMAGE PURPOSES ONLY! You don't sit there and say "I'm as much a fan of the female form as any guy" then proceed to write paragraphs b*tching about actually seeing it in a fictional world on a fictional character.

Is the game you're playing fun? Yes? Then who gives a damn what the character is playing. If that's what you're focused on, you're missing the point. I agree with ChrisW, grow up. Games aren't supposed to be real. And the problem with gaming recently has become TOO MUCH realism anyway.

cleft52337d ago

Clearly that woman has on to much armor, how is she suppose to move in that outfit.

Agent_00_Revan2337d ago

As long as it covers her girly parts, anything more is unnecessary.

prototypeknuckles2337d ago

Notice how women dont complain about his but its always a sensitive butthurt dude, grow up man and remember its a VIDEO GAME!!!!