SDCC 2012: Cosplay Recap (

Cosplay is very popular at all types of conventions, San Diego Comic Con being one of the most renowned. Cosplayers dress in costumes from there favorite video games, anime, movies, and comic books. Many of the more serious people dressed in these outfits even go as far as to act as if they are the character they are trying to portray. The best cosplayers make their costume as accurate as possible by including weapons and all accessories that the character from the entertainment industry would have. Others tend to dress up in store bought costumes just to join in and be a part of all the fun.

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TheSuperior 2343d ago

Wish I could of dressed up...

SheaHoff2342d ago

Awesome! I'm going to DragonCon soon and can't wait to see all of the costumes again.


Next time I am dressing up for sure... like princess peach!

TheSuperior 2342d ago

Now that's an idea, you would be so beautiful

SuperStrokey11232342d ago

While i respect her putting her face on the camera she needs to relax a bit while on screen. Im sure she would have more fun then.

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