Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review | IGN

IGN: "A fitting celebration of the franchise’s 10th anniversary, and possibly the best portable entry to date."

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Namikaze_Minato1975d ago

Ok, I really think that DDD is an amazing experience. But where the hell is KH 3?

r211975d ago

hi there, i came from the future. just came here to say that KH3 is awesome when it released in 2095 and FFversus was also good too in 2077 :D

Eamon1975d ago

I'm on holiday now. I had this preordered so I cant wait to come back and play this baby.

ReservoirDog3161974d ago

Best portable game in the series is a really big claim. Birth By Sleep was really good and the combat system was nearly perfect* and it was challenging.

God I wish I had a 3DS now...