Angry Birds Trilogy Release Date Listed On

The Angry Birds Trilogy from Activision and Rovio has been given a release date from

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live2play2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

ok ima put on my conspiracy goggles

now mobile device lovers like the iphone ipad etc say those devices will kill of ps vita, 3ds and consoles because millions download angry birds

and now they are releasing angry birds on 3ds and consoles
(for 30 bucks)

so now no gamer (thats used to playing the experiences the consoles and handhelds like vita have to offer) will NOT pay full price for a half assed game

angry birds will fail on consoles but succeed on ios devices

so now they will use this as proof ipad gaming is better

because angry birds failed on dedicated gaming machines meaning (to them) no one buys games anymore, only on ipad

TrendyGamers2345d ago

Don't forget that Fruit Ninja Kinect was released for $10 and sold like crazy. The $40 price tag is really high but I wouldn't be surprised if it does really well.

WeskerChildReborned2345d ago

I'm hoping people don't waste their money like that when their are better quality games to get at the same price or lower.

DarkTower8052345d ago

I don't think this has to sell that much to be a "success". Think about it, this is just a simple port of a simple game. There probably is barely any dev cost with this.

And I imagine there will be quite a bit of people that will buy this just for the easy achievement/trophies.

--Onilink--2345d ago

More like Angry Birds: Rip-off Edition...

fredrikpedersen2345d ago

Such a waste. It's not a good game.

shammgod2345d ago

Couldn't agree more. But you know all the robots that can't think for themselves will buy it