Trophies and Achievements have ruined gaming

Non Specific Action have a look at why Trophies and Achievements may have ruined the gaming industry for good.

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Them_Bones2341d ago

It would be cool if a developer made a bronze trophy and in the description it says get the platinum trophy.
Then they hide a bobble head sized platinum trophy in the game or something!

LiamDirish2341d ago

I have several comments about the pointlessness of trophies/achievements and have always been disagreed to oblivion. I still maintain my stance on them, I think they're RETARDED

Anon19742341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

I think they're kind of an evolution on the game score. The amount of points in games at first were a rather necessary means of tracking progress. When games were repetitive and never ending you really needed some measure to make you feel like you had accomplished something, otherwise what did it matter if you played for 10 minutes or 10 hours? Now, I've always played games because I liked to play games, not to achieve some meaningless point total - however I have to admit I always felt a bit of pride when I was able to put my initials into Joust, or Popeye, or Black Tiger.

As games became more story driven, the idea of points didn't really fit anymore which is where achievements/trophies stepped in to give us that same, virtual pat on the back and a score that we could then use to show off to our friends. It's really just an event based high score board.

I don't think it's ruined games by any stretch of the imagination but I find that I usually just ignore them now. Not because I don't like the virtual pat on the back, I kinda do, but just I don't like being dictated to how to play a game. Often I'll see what it takes for an achievement or trophy and ask myself "Why would I ever do that? That just doesn't sound like fun and I have no intention of playing the game like that." Then I ignore them.

Still, I understand the carrot and stick method being employed here and I have nothing against it. If it makes certain people play more, why wouldn't developers use them. I use them. People who don't care will keep playing and just ignore them, people who like achievements will have something to work towards. I don't see an issue, and we've put them in our previous game and they're in the game we're developing now.

LiamDirish2341d ago

I long for the days of PS1 and PS2. When the game itself had its own reward system, whether it be an unlockable for doing certain things or a bonus for completing the game. Now our bonus is a trophy or achievement and the unlockables are removed and sold back to us as dlc. sigh.....

guitarded772341d ago

@ darkride66

Exactly... if you don't like 'em, STFU and ignore them. I think more people enjoy the digital recognition of achievement than not. I do wish there was a feature to turn off notifications so those who whine and cry about them could turn them off.

I for one think they're great... adds replay value, makes you try new things, friendly competition among friends, give you insight to what kind of gamer someone is, etc, etc, etc. I can respect that some people may not like them for whatever reason, but if it's something that really bothers you, then you have what is known as a "first world problem".

WeskerChildReborned2341d ago

You may think that but others don't. Some people enjoy getting trophies. I don't really care for em but yea.

LiamDirish2341d ago

I couldn't care less if everyone disagrees with me. I thought the point of commenting was for users to voice their personal opinion on something and not be vilified for it.

KaBaW2341d ago

You've obviously came to the wrong site, :/

TiberusX872341d ago

I honestly don't think it's changed the gaming world "that" much. The average age of game consumers this generation is 25-35 or somewhere there about, so adults in other words.

It might be a competitive issue for students and younger people, but at the end of the day if it's a game I really enjoy I find achievements/trophy's satisfying and it gives me more to do and something extra to talk about with my mates who are also playing. If it's a game i'm just playing for a bit of fun, I ignore it.

I think there are much larger issues that need addressing than a reward system that provides nothing more than self satisfaction and some bragging rights.

SaxScrotumz2341d ago

Yup... Agreed. They are retarded.

TrueGaming2341d ago

I can see exactly where you're coming from... Games like MGS4 are great & worth a multi playthroughs WITH/WITHOUT trophies. I stated this in an article yester day & was trolled for it when I said IMO they're pointless because trophies should atleast give the player in-game skins,weapons,characters etc along with the trophy, trophies DON'T make people better gamers , it's a small incentive to replay but thats all... I think more effort should be put in towards trophies like what I stated above to actually move trophies to the next level. So in short they are not ruining gaming but they are a great idea just not thought out to the extent they could be...

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iamnsuperman2341d ago

"It simply gives us no incentive to go back and play old games without trophies and achievements been in place and thus ruining the experience all round"

I disagree. The lack of incentive isn't in the lack of trophy support but, for me, in the fact games have evolved. I like playing old PS2/PS1 games because I remember playing them as a child but it can get frustrating with the dated controls. But for the early PS3 games, I tend not to play because gameplay mechanics have evolved quite dramatically.

Personally I do not think trophies or achievements has ruined gaming because I really do not know anyone who compares their gamer score/trophy level. It is nice to complete a game then go back and try to get the trophies.

oNIXo2341d ago

Every once and a while I go back and play "old" PS3 games. Some of them are quite good. Hell, I was playing DMC4 every so often until the HD Collection came out. I think the trophies/achievements are pointless, but I won't lie and say I wasn't super happy when I got my two platinum trophies for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

NYC_Gamer2341d ago

I don't think they have ruined gaming nor do i care about trophies/achievements...

TheFinalEpisode2341d ago

There is no obligation to get trophies or achievements, I personally go for them because it makes games last longer and I get more for what I paid. But trophies and achievements are just extras so they never take away from the experience

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