GameInformer- Directing Splinter Cell: An Interview With Maxime Beland

GameInformer- Blacklist represents a brand new direction for the Splinter Cell franchise. Not only is the game exploring new territory in game mechanics and storytelling, but the game is also the first installment to be crafted entirely at the new Ubisoft Toronto studio. Creative director Maxime Beland tells us more about the game and just what Sam Fisher has in store as he launches into a new adventure.

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OhMyGandhi2313d ago

i'm sicking of seeing "brand new directions" for franchises.
this is something new this generation, and it makes me sick.

Survival Horror genre? eh...forget about it, doesn't make money I suppose.

Stealth genre? eh...forget about it, overly saturated, won't make money.

Now? a repetitive third person "guns blazing" shooter where stealth is only a single button initiated QTE away.
No skill, no need to memorize enemy locations, nor hiding in shadows. Everything that made splinter cell splinter cell is gone.

It annoys me to think of the possibilities of how such a franchise can leave their fans out to dry to craft a generic "take" on a tried and true franchise.

I'm fine with developers taking calculated risks, and improving or changing SMALL things, but when they fundamentally augment the game in such a way that it no longer fits into the previous game's GENRE. that's when someone needs to slap the lead game designer in the face and say "no."

Pandora Tomorrow introduced me to gaming online, with Xbox Live, and that experience, so rich with unique and limitless possibility has died with each Splinter Cell entry afterwards (not including Chaos Theory. With that game, it turned 2v2 Spies vs Mercs into near online gaming perfection, and did it without ruining what PT had going for it).

That's the difference. It pleased fans, and didn't pander to target audiences, but rather set up and shop and attracted newcomers to a new way of playing. Not vice versa.

h311rais3r2313d ago

Should have left splinter alone and made a new ip called conviction. Make new ips don't screw up already made ones.