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"Terraria focuses on collecting resources—both underground and above—and making a home to protect yourself and others from dangerous monsters that spawn at night. Although it is often compared to Minecraft, it plays more like a typical RPG, and there are many more goals and bosses to defeat to keep players of any kind occupied. As soon as you can figure out how to craft, build, and attract NPCs to your home, the game becomes addicting. The game did a good job of taking a used concept and improving upon it to stand on its own as a good game." |

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Snookies122314d ago

A 6.0??? Terraria is freaking amazing! Not sure how it could score under a 7 at least... Sure it's not perfect, but it's addicting as heck and certainly gives a good retro feel for the older gamers out there.

user54670072314d ago

It's good but for a game where the creator has left after all the promise updates since he has enough money now it's getting stale.

JsonHenry2314d ago

This game had a LOT of updates for well over a year or more. I would have given this game at least an 8.5.

Bimkoblerutso2314d ago

Yeah, it had a lot of little ones and one really big one. I think it's MORE than worth it's original $14.99 price tag.

jn2002dk2314d ago

Talk about being late to the party

Don't you think this review would have been a little more relevant back when it was released?

What's next? A review of Command and Conquer 1?

TukkerIntensity2314d ago

This game is easily an 8.5 or 9....easily.

V0LT2314d ago

Only 1.5 years too late.. also, not knowing what you are talking about doesn't help either. lame review.

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