Mercenaries 2: World of Flames release date announcement coming next week?

Strategy Informer reported yesterday that Electronic Arts could be planning to release Mercenaries 2: World of Flames on 25th August 2008 if Two online retailer listings from Amazon and Gamestop proved to be correct.

Now they've relieved an official statement from EA regarding the release date for Mercenaries 2: World of Flames.

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Ggame3826d ago

I think this game is NOT important for PS3 or X360 owner.
It's SUCK!!

ASSASSYN 36o3826d ago

And, I think both ps3 and xbox 360 fans who played the first game think you are a fool.

Afterburn3826d ago

the first game was great. this should be even better.

HeartlesskizZ3825d ago

Cant wait for this one...I love the first one

Says you3825d ago

I mean I use to have this on the XBox till it gave me "Rrod".

AceLuby3825d ago

But probably after I finish all the other AAA titles scheduled for this year plus the backlog of games I still need to finish.

danarc3825d ago

Thoughyt this was coming out next month?!

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