The Worst Countries In The World To Be A Gamer

Gamesradar- The physical act of gaming should not be difficult. The word 'game', by its very nature, implies fun, recreation, and a general lack of stress. In reality though, gaming is not always the carefree frolic through a sunlit Disney meadow that it rightly should be. While many of us enjoy an uninterrupted fine old time, in some parts of the world gaming is rather a struggle.

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Blastoise1863d ago

Poor Australia :( and I thought we were getting screwed over here in the UK

Nimblest-Assassin1863d ago

I know man... not only does violence get abolished from some games, and others are outright banned... they're games are expensive as f***

I've been partaking in the steam summer sale, got skyrimm for 29 bucks, borderlands, fallout 3 GOTY edition and GTA episodes from liberty city for 5 bucks each

The aussies had to pay the normal price we pay here in canada, and the games were on sale too


Feel really bad for the aussies

mafiahajeri1863d ago

Well here in the middle east we have terrible net although we have some up sides like getting games early and there not that expensive Also I'm pretty sure Aussies lag with pretty much everyone not in or around. Australia so yes Aussies are having it the worst!

TiberusX871863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

The RRP for "Next Generation" games when they first started being sold in Australia was $119.00 AUD. That's not to mention the 360 was $650.00 and the PS3 60GB was $999.00 - Also take into account that our currency value is almost the same as the US too.

It's getting a lot more competitive now that people are moving to online shopping, so the standard price in stores is around $79.00 now.

However, a lot of us still just buy online. Places like sell PAL Region games for no more than $60.00 and have great specials, rewards etc. - The majority of my games I pick up for around $30-$40 which I think is similar to the US?

AusRogo1863d ago

We are getting an r18+ for our games though so that will allow the more violent games in like Mortal Kombat. But yeah, it blows over here. 80-90 for a new release? Hell, sometimes even 110$ depending on where u shop.

Rhythmattic1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )


+1 for ozgameshop.

Have saved a fortune buying from ozgameshop.
I bought from them when they started out as ebay store, and now have about 60 tiltles sitting on my shelf thanks to them.

THESONYPS31863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Aussies do earn more alot more money than Americans for wages, don't know aobut Canada though.

ALso aussies can just use the OzGameShop for brand new games that are $50. Also most games are about $79- $89 new. Finally New Zealand games cost more..

Kevin ButIer1863d ago

Nice reading, thanks for the post.

Red_Orange_Juice1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

OK ok ok ok but stop talking about 'expensive' compare average and minimum wages from US, Canada and Australia - not so pricy anymore

People in Australia simply make more , wanna ask about games being pricy? Ask gamers from South America or Eastern Europe

SolidStoner1863d ago

LATVIA, Lithuania and Estonia are the worst.

we have the same support from Sony like in African Jungle! Seriously! Google it!

I cant register my country, I cant buy anything legally, and i cant use any programs (netflix etc.)except games.

At least Microsoft is supporting us here, pity I dont like Microsoft and buy only Sony's products!

andibandit1863d ago


terrible net in the middle east??

explains why it's always some middle eastern named guy who kills me in MW3.

nukeitall1863d ago

You can't really say expensive and not compare buying power! It's like saying people in third world countries things games in the US are expensive! No sheit!

GrumpyVeteran1863d ago

Yes Aussies earn more, but everything essential costs more anyway, thus we're pretty much even.

thats_just_prime1863d ago

I'd say japan cause they are so racit they wont play american games at all. Hell they hang signs over ameican games that read "western dogcrap"

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Pushagree1863d ago

Glad I live in a civilized country where free speech is held dear. Banning media is about on the same level as barbarism to me.

nukeitall1863d ago

I agree!

It's amazing what people have to put up with in other countries. Us Americans are spoiled!

b777conehead1863d ago

if obama stays in 4 more years you can kiss our freedoms buy buy

Matpan1863d ago

"It's amazing what people have to put up with in other countries"... In many cases with you guys :P hahahaha

Now, jokes asides, try gaming in south america... Argentina at least: Expensive as hell! To begin with, each buck costs like 5 pesos and even then, resalers want to make a nice profit over the full retail price... So do the maths...

1Victor1863d ago

could be worse in Dominican Republic there's a 2 to 6 hours of electric power at random thru the day.

JoNaZ_RG1863d ago

True my friend, I feel your pain. But in Dominican Republic is not just the electric power, but the game prices and consoles are outrageous. It is better just importing it from the USA.

badz1491863d ago

I remember spending AU$978 for the 60GB PS3 + 1 extra sixaxis + R:FoM + Motorstorm back then! ahh...what a BARGAIN that was...if you live in there LOL! that was right before 40GB and I really didn't want the stripped down 40GB!

retail games are crazy expensive too! I got Uncharted DF for AU$78 during a sale at JB HiFi and then I learnt that eBay is much better to save money and that's when I started buying stuff from eBay!

YoungKingDoran1863d ago

haha yeah fight the power
"omg retail is dying... WHY!?"
because we aint chumps anymore, chumps!

JoNaZ_RG1863d ago

and I wanted to move to AUS so bad, but if prices of foreign electronic are that high, never mind.

ELite_Ghost1863d ago

theres so much to do in australia tho, and their women 0_0

tee_bag2421863d ago

Being from Australia I can confirm this. Prices are stupid. Most of my game I now import from the UK.

Vortex3D1863d ago

Does Australia gov monitor their local gamers playing illegal or banned games on the network?

awesomeperson1863d ago


As far as I know, they don't.

tee_bag2421862d ago

I don't believe they do. I imported the new Solder of Fortune 2 when i came out, L4D2, GTA4...many others.
I'm sure they could confiscate it if they wanted to get tough though.

ChrisW1863d ago

I wonder how bad it is to be a gamer in North Korea???

badz1491863d ago

you don't game in North Korea! never! they play with real guns ONLY!

gatormatt801863d ago

ChrisW You can't miss what you don't know exists. Their leader doesn't allow any " propaganda" from outside his country.

ChrisW1862d ago


So true. NBC's Richard Engel asked a computer science major in N. Korea about social networking, Facebook and Twitter, and the student had absolutely NO CLUE what he was talking about.

M83_1863d ago

Australian's are hot.

There. I've made my contribution to the discussion.

INehalemEXI1863d ago

If I was in a country where a game costed almost as much as the system ....I would move.