August 28th Could Be An Amazing Day For PS3 Owners

With the newly announced release date of August 28th for the Ratchet and Clank Collection, that date at the end of August could end up being an amazing day for PS3 owners.

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Abash2193d ago

It will be amazing for me because I'll be trying the Sly 4 demo. Been waiting so damn long for Sly 4, I seriously never been so excited for a demo

BringingTheThunder2193d ago

i'll bet theres a ps+ demo a week later.

BiggCMan2193d ago

And some time in August is when the MGS4 trophy patch comes!! That has me more excited than all of this stuff, plus some new games like Borderlands 2!! I'm still very excited for Ratchet & Clank and the Sly demo however, but I have been waiting for the MGS4 trophies for so long, I thought it would never come!! It helps ease the pain of MGO servers being shut down D:

shoddy2192d ago

Ya time to roll with snake again.
I miss him.

black9112193d ago

Everyday is Amazing For PS3 Gamers.

BitbyDeath2193d ago


Today is pretty amazing, i just found out PS+ is giving me Saints Row 2 and Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light for free!

Amazing XD

Army_of_Darkness2193d ago

It's either they don't have a ps3, or it could just be blind loyalty for the other gaming platforms Hahahaha!

Ducky2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

^ "Today is pretty amazing, i just found out PS+ is giving me Saints Row 2 and Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light for free!"

You hadn't realized that in the past 6 weeks? O.o

EDIT: Ahh, I see.
Didn't know that as they haven't really announced what the US is getting next yet. =/
SaintsRow2 is a lot of fun if you haven't played it yet.

BitbyDeath2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )


Those games may have already gone to the US but were just announced for EU regions today.

We got other games earlier this month like the new Deus Ex game.

Spydiggity2192d ago

like when psn went down for a few months and millions of credit cards got stolen? that was pretty amazing.

i'm a gamer...i play pc, 360, ps3, sudoku. and still, not every day is amazing. but, then again, i'm not delusional.

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doogiebear2193d ago

All these games for us, And ZERO Xbox exclusives in that time. Man, I don't know why they just don't sell that piece of junk xbox by now and use it to get a PS3.

Straightupbeastly2193d ago

Gears and halo best exclusives going

UnitSmiley2192d ago

Because half the "gamers" today don't actually care about gaming as a hobby or passion. They just do it to stay socially relevant with their friends. So whatever is popular atm is what they will be into.

rolandfurious2191d ago

Xbox, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP--Who cares what you own as long as you have fun, right?

xtremeimport2192d ago

god i hate game of the year editions.
spend the money on the collectors edition, then less than a year later, a dlc packaged game is released.
kick myself every damn time.

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BringingTheThunder2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

whats august 30th? a psn game or something?

Batzi2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Kojima will announce his new game at Metal Gear's 25th anniversary special event in Tokyo. Hint: MGS5.

Relientk772193d ago

Ok so all of that is just win

TrendyGamers2193d ago

Excluding Madden, if you spend $180, you get 13 awesome games!

ELite_Ghost2193d ago

right before my first year of college, great... XD

Spydiggity2192d ago

college is a scam. just get a job, get real world experience, save money and start investing.

ELite_Ghost2192d ago

u go on 9gag too much my friend :p

JsonHenry2193d ago

Sounds awesome. But I will be playing Guild Wars 2 that day.

Dante1122193d ago

Infamous 1 & 2 Dual Pack for me. Never got a chance to play those two.

TrendyGamers2193d ago

Both games are amazing. I've beaten the first Infamous 3 times already.

stage882193d ago

Same here, absolutely loved the first one. Such an original game.

SpinalRemains1382193d ago

Theyre really really fun.

Before you go on to part II, try finishing the first all the way good, then all the way evil. The player should experience the full dichotomy during both games.

Evil powers rock!

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