Top 5 Best Looking Platinum Trophy Images

Ever wondered what some of the coolest looking Platinum Trophies are?
Well, here’s my list of what I consider the top 5.

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DrRichtofen2220d ago

hands down to mag's platinum

Hakoom2220d ago

yup it looks very unique and stylish

Ron_Danger2220d ago

The best part about MAG's plat is that all the other trophies were serious. I laughed so hard when the Platinum trophy popped up on my system. Well worth all the hard work and hours

NukaCola2220d ago

MAG's Plat almost has that

"Win ALL the Trophies!"

kind of meme vibe. I love it!

Mio2220d ago

inFamous is my favorite
also Ninja Gaiden plat images looks very nice

Sandmano2220d ago

totally agree with your list!

TrendyGamers2220d ago

The Infamous one is pretty sweet.

TheFinalEpisode2220d ago

Dante's Inferno plat looks pretty badass too

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