SWTOR's executive producer leaves BioWare amid layoff reports

Amid reports that BioWare Austin is laying off staff today, Star Wars: The Old Republic's executive producer Rich Vogel has revealed to Gamasutra that he is no longer with the company.

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NYC_Gamer2314d ago

EA is one big train wreck with workers getting fired daily

Morgue2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

From reading this article no one will get the full story but it reads like a numbers issue.

You sign on for a contract and based upon the numbers the product moves, we get what we invested back, you get a bonus, people keep their jobs and we make another game.

Things don't produce. We have to look at where we sit financially and wether this part of our company will succeed in future endeavors. We are offering you this buyout package based on the contract you signed, we appreciate what you've for us and wish you the best of luck.

CryWolf2314d ago

SWTOR was never going to be as big as the Kotor franchise cause its just another MMORPG that didn't do anything different to change massively multiplayer online games in general, what a waste of time Bioware/EA developers you should have just made Kotor III spending that type of money on this MMO BS.

Nodoze2314d ago

TOTALLY Agree. Additionally it would have cost a FRACTION of what was paid to develop another lackluster MMORPG. Instead they went for the money grab.

BAD MOVE EA!! Even Lucasarts bailed on this before release.

Hooby2314d ago

As mean as this may sound, I WANT SWTOR to fail massively and terribly just because it was that bad of a game. It should've just been KOTOR 3, but instead we got a WoW clone that's missing literally 60% of wows content and character.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232314d ago

"WoW clone that's missing literally 60% of wows content and character."

have you ever played an MMO before?. TOR is just over half a year old,how is it supposed to have everything a 10 year successful MMO like WoW has?.

if i remember correctly WoW had less than TOR in its first 6 months online.

you wanting it to FAIL because they didn't make the game you wanted is idiotic.

TOR is healthy enough at the moment to keep going so i shall not worry.

Hooby2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Yes I have, a number of them.

Wow was made in a different time than TOR, since we can't go back in time 7 years, it's completely idiotic to compare TOR to it when it came out.

TOR tried to take on the exact same market WoW has, but with the added draw of star wars. However there is NO reason to play the exact same game minus a whole ton of its features and content.

TOR needed to try something new and different. Story features that become obsolete after 2 weeks was not it. Think of combat akin to TERRA or GW2. That style of play would be PERFECT for lightsaber flippy jumpy style fighting.

The world itself is a linear bore fest of planets that have absolutely no life or character and force you down a very narrow path. In Wow you have the choice to actually explore and see things, you have multiple ones to choose from for any particular level range (at least up until 60)

They deserve to fail for doing such a half assed job.

Vaud-Villian2314d ago

Good, this game needs new leadership. Everyone who is responsible for the current state of the game should be in a welfare line.