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N4G: City of Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Get your key to these exclusive Alpha events! The City of Steam dev team has given N4G 500 Alpha keys so you can get in on their Alpha weekends. (City of Steam, PC)

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EazyC  +   859d ago
*kisses on cheek*
Thank you N4G ;}
hakis86  +   858d ago
I watched the video...wth kind of game is it? =P
Cat  +   858d ago
The above vid is a CG story and if you hop over the the blog there's a trailer (RPG).
Crioamena  +   858d ago
more alpha key giveaway http://www.cityofsteamalpha...
BringingTheThunder  +   859d ago
free stuff! woo!
kevinsheeks  +   859d ago
yyayy i love freee
gacid2142  +   859d ago
Hello my name is Mark and I would love to try this game please. :)
HalfLife2012  +   859d ago
yes,yes & yes. i will accept this......
Montrealien  +   859d ago
I want! I want! Thanks in advance Cat! <3
mafiahajeri  +   859d ago
Code please! Thanks
PastyGangster  +   859d ago
I want a code<3
mattman111  +   859d ago
Looks cool would love to try.
Colin2Ballin  +   859d ago
I wouldn't mind giving this game a try!
Biggest  +   859d ago
I would like a code. Sign me up!
r21  +   859d ago
reminds me abit of the meet the series from team fortress 2 :D i'd love to give this a try.
SimbaDC650  +   858d ago
mep69  +   858d ago
yer i'll take that code please :P
physicsiseasy  +   858d ago
Yes I would be happy to try it. Thank you
revengemadmax  +   858d ago
sweet im made for this game sigh me up
Tr10wn  +   858d ago
WeedyOne  +   858d ago
I dont know what this is....but ill try it out if you let me!
Taker_129  +   858d ago
I'll take a code please.
lociefer  +   858d ago
1 code thank you pre
centaureas  +   858d ago
i'd like one please
Silly Mammo  +   858d ago
Love the steampunk genre. Code please. :0)
lizard81288  +   858d ago
I'll take one too
Traxphantom  +   858d ago
I would like to try it out. Send me one plz.
bimbim18  +   858d ago
looks like fun, how can i get a code ? :)
superh8  +   858d ago
looks like my kind of game
thechemist  +   855d ago
Time to test this out.
darksword  +   855d ago
That'sssss a very nice alpha key you got there maybe i sssshould keep it sssssafe
arditcc  +   854d ago
Plss give me a code i need it so much.If you give me a code i'd be very greatful
arditcc  +   853d ago

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