CVG previews Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - Blood, guts and F-bombs

From the preview:

"When Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway looks more like Soldier of Fortune than it does Medal of Honor you know that it's not your typical WWII shooter. Our first act was to hurl a grenade that blew one man into three: eviscerating his mid-section and blasting off his left leg at the knee. Once we'd thrown the grenade, the game decided that we weren't in any immediate danger, so it even decided to give us a close-up of the explosion. In slow motion we could make out every little detail, including the bones protruding from each stump."

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AngryHippo3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

....i didnt realise the brothers in arms series was so graphic on the gore. Props to the developer for including an vital aspect of war in a war game...and thats gore....if a grenade goes off by a person, they get blown into bits, its what happens. I might have to check this game if the gameplay is good too.