ADATA Introduces XPG Gaming v2.0 Series DDR3

XPG DRAM modules signify Xtreme Performance Gear, providing the extreme speed and performance required by advanced users. The XPG Gaming series v2.0 is targeted specifically at the distinct performance and cooling needs of the worldwide gaming community. These latest DDR3 2400G modules offer new levels of data transfer speed, along with the many features that are hallmarks of the XPG series.

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X-Factor2312d ago

Wish I was still a PC gamer.

X-Factor2311d ago

I just have a laptop nowadays. The days of having a pimped out gaming rig seem so far away.

Still, would be nice to back to staright pc gaming and get away from the consoles.

No decent strategy games on Console. Not like PC.

ATi_Elite2312d ago

After spending money on a nice triple channel kit......

I saw some Ram benchmarks and there really isn't a huge difference in speed.

Gamers ram has the nice colors and cool cooling fins that allow for tighter clocks and over clocking but other than that Ram is almost Ram.

May see a "noticeable jump when DDR4 or maybe XDR2 is released.

Farsendor12312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

yep i have had gaming ram in the past not much different then samsung ram.

Kingnichendrix2311d ago

Yeah that is very true, I havent got a gaming rig, yet, but i keep playing Age of mythology on my little laptop I need to invest on a gaming pc, I would probably treat it as if it were a next gen console haha.

X-Factor2311d ago


Yeah man. I totally remember age of Mythology.

My favorite all time game was Empire Earth. Oh man. I loved... No LOVE that game. Epic.

The best Strategy game on Console I've played is R.U.S.E. it's actually pretty damn good. Played for a long time until the multiplayer crowd died off.

Man. You got me missing those days. Back in those days the only console game I played was the original Halo.

I was all PC.

I checked out PC games at Fry's Electronics the other day. Nothing got my attention.

My brother is a PC Gamer. He plays this game called DOTA 2. It looks pretty good. RPG and RTS combined. But my kid brother is a whiz. He built his rig.