2012 So Far - What Have We Learned?

Dealspwn: "Even the big hitters failed to match up to expectations on some level. Diablo III's end-game left much to be desired, as did Mass Effect 3's for that matter, though for vastly different reasons. Syndicate buckled under pressure, and EA have been disavowing it ever since. Max Payne 3 came and went, proving solid but hardly earth-shattering. Spec Ops: The Line was a game saved by its story...that's not supposed to happen, right?! Amalur led to bankruptcy. All of the signs pointed towards 2012 being the year of the calm before the next-gen storm.

"Unless you were an indie which case you were probably having the best time of it ever. Even console gamers were allowed in on the action: with smaller budget titles like Fez, Journey, Trials Evolution, Sine Mora, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Quantum Conundrum, I Am Alive, Babel Rising, Minecraft X360 and plenty more besides serving up a rich banquet of diverse gaming experiences for under £15."

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