Sony originally wanted Naughty Dog to develop PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

"Speaking at Comic-Con over the weekend, Chan Park, President of SuperBot Entertainment, the studio currently working on PlayStation brand brawler All-Stars: Battle Royale has revealed that originally Sony had approached Uncharted creators Naughty Dog to produce and develop the project."

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SandWitch2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Meh, I'm happy that they are making The Last Of Us. It looks much more exciting and promising

BiggCMan2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

They both look exciting and promising in different ways. I'm glad both are being made.

Irishguy952223d ago

Glad they are making TLOU instead, already have Super smash bro's

FriedGoat2223d ago

Not really interested in PS all stars myself, but others are and its good they are branching out into different genres.

Irishguy952223d ago


No really though, I mean what I stated. I would prefer something like TLOU instead of All stars, which is a PS version of Smash bro's.(for some reason people think the way you kill makes it different to Smash bros...well, you can change the settings in smash bros and make it like All stars)

sonic9892223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

its not like each game is supposed to be original ( including the above mention game )
you didnt play with those characters ( ps characters) you didnt play with those graphics in those arenas and the story mode and most importantly you didnt try out the game and that the worst part
gamers who bought street fighter and king of fighters are morons according to you or tekken and dead or alive
and honestly you could have just said i am not interested rather than bashing the game with this disrespectful attitude

Irishguy952223d ago

Lol, when did I say anyone was a moron? I gave the reason I am not interested in this game 'over' TLOU, because I have super smash bro's, i've basically played the game already with different characters. I didn't even say I wasn't interested in this game because I am. I'm more interested in TLOU though and am glad Naughty dog did that instead of All stars.

It's ridiculous, you assume I am "bashing the game with this disrespectful attitude". In what way am I bashing or being disrespectful? Because I said this game is what it is means I am bashing? Your getting overly defensive over something that was neither intended to be offensive or even was/ So what if this game is like Smash Bro's, I simply stated that I want TLOU more due to that.

You are offended by anyone who ses that Smash bros and All stars are extremely similar. Or am I missing something, am I missing something in my previous comments that states anything more than that?

You're using Fanboy logic. An incredibly low point of the human race were evolution seems to gone backwards.

sonic9892223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

ok i didnt insult you what so ever or underestimated your thinking logic
what i did was just stating what i understood from your short non brief comment which could be understood by the way i did by the way if you noticed i spoke about your attitude nothing more
but saying i am defensive and a fanboy plus underestimating my thinking abilities is just not cool needless to say more cause i know myself
anyway have a nice day buddy remember i am a gamer not your enemy

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AnotherProGamer2223d ago

well they do 2 teams at ND. one is making TLOU and the other that just released uncharted 3 are working on a new game now.

TheFinalEpisode2223d ago

At the end of the day we are getting more games and Sony has a new studio so it's a win for gamers

LiquifiedArt2222d ago

They probably should of.

I'm still very uneasy about the KO system.

If Sony screws this game up, there will be no 2nd chances to rebuild the franchise.

You don't just completely reinvent the mechanics in a sequel, which means it would be permanently doomed.

Just give me SSB with sony characters and some "enhancements" to the "pitfalls" of smash. Don't remove the BEST elements of the game, thats just not a very smart move.

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Afterlife2223d ago

I watched that video on youtube and I got the impression that they were joking...

blackblades2223d ago

Wouldn't we want people that had fighting game experience working on it.

Skateboard2223d ago

Some of the guys who have exp making fighting games suck at making them too.

Capt-FuzzyPants2223d ago

Yeah Naughty Dog's specialty is platforming adventure games.

Machioto2223d ago

@black before being brought out by Sony nd did other games in different genres,one being way of the worrier,basically their version of mortal kombat,if go to nd wiki they show a list of games nd did.

bahabeast2223d ago

ive been waiting for sony to make this game for a long time and once some real dedicated devs are handling the game im all good, naughty dog is now crem de la crem for sony maybe even the gaming industry

TopDudeMan2223d ago

I dunno. This is the kind of game that just about any studio could do a good job of. The basic idea has already been done before. They just need to put in lots of fan service and make it play really smooth. That's what this type of game is all about.

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