Gran Turismo for Android

Suck My Trend - Gran Turismo, the popular console racer for Playstation has hit mobiles. In all honesty, let’s hope they don’t get sued by Sony.

What we do know is everyone in the world is downloading it, and in just a few days over 100,000 downloads. That is a massive amount and the trend is still on the rise meaning that more people are downloading, installing and giving the application a go. We have given it a go ourselves after seeing how popular it had become in such a short space of time, and we feel it was hyped up a little too much. People see the Gran Turismo title and expect to be downloading a brilliant racing title with stunning graphics and incredible gameplay, but that was not quite the case with what we played with.

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r212342d ago

so its on phones but not on vitas yet? :L dang it sony, when are we getting that update?

DudeJets2342d ago

Read the article or atleast description not just the title

r212342d ago

my bad, still though, where is that update?

piroh2342d ago

it's not true gran turismo from polyphony digital and sony, it's a cheap copy

searchbuzz2342d ago

Bit of a fail there buddy :)

Chrono2342d ago

There are much better racing games on Android. Try Real Racing 2.