Dead Space 3 dev suggests players ignore extra content for the “experience they’ve come to expect”

Executive producer Steve Papoutsis has explained more about the more open world and alternate route aspects of Dead Space 3 describing a “variety of hubs [and] spokes”. However he also suggests not doing any of it if you want the “tailored experience” of previous games.

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Them_Bones2340d ago

Don't really know what to make of that.
Need to see some exploration gameplay to see if it's actually as open as they say and not just the odd room with some loot and a necro.

Xof2340d ago

Yeah, really. How are gamers supposed to take it when a developer recommends people ignore content in the game?

Is it like saying, "our game is better if you only play part of it, because many parts of it are kind of shitty?"

'Cause that's what it seems like.

UnitSmiley2340d ago

I know right? That's like saying "A threesome with another guy and a woman isn't so bad, as long as you just pretend the other guy isn't there"

user54670072340d ago

"not doing any of it if you want the “tailored experience” of previous games."

How can you not do it when they based the whole game on turning it into a generic third person shooter. Gears of Dead Space 3.

Here we go with PR BS trying to defend the decison on runing DS for a wider audience like Capcom does with RE.

Kaos_Vll2340d ago

Riiight. Because we all think alike and like the same things.

long live narrow mindedness!!

KingDustero2340d ago

I can't believe how everyone here has played the full game here already. How do you guys know the core experience that we've come to love from the past two games is ruined? Hell they even said that they PURPOSELY showed something different at E3 to get some attention, to show that they aren't just going to be doing the same thing over and over again.

I find it really ignorant and idiotic to judge a game based on fifteen minutes of gameplay. That is nothing compared to the full ten to twelve hour campaign. It is nice to have things that change up the gameplay so that you're not doing the same thing and having the same feeling throughout the whole thing.

The same thing happened with Dead Space 2. People sat there and complained that the game was ruined because they were going to focus on MP too much and that there would be too much action in the SP. Well they proved everyone wrong since Dead Space 2 one-uped the first game in every way possible. Go ahead and complain now, be an ignorant fool. I'm willing to bet Dead Space 3 will be the best in the franchise and continue being a top notch survival horror game. All the idiots complaining now will all be gone after release.