A couple who met in Halo game and courted online for FIVE YEARS see each other for the first time

The emotional moment when a long-distance couple took their relationship up to a new level by finally meeting after five years online communication is finding sentimental fans on the internet.

The short video shows the young man running into the arms of his long-time girlfriend and spinning her around in the airport before they share their first kiss.

The couple met five years ago in a Halo 3 game lobby, became virtual best friends, and began a romantic relationship two years ago, and met for the first time in March.

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Mainsqueeze1897d ago

"began a romantic relationship two years ago, and met for the first time in March" I guess they are getting their money's worth out of that kinect video chat if you know what i mean.

ATi_Elite1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Oh come on! There are kids present! Get a Room!

(Looks like someone is gonna get some booty)

TheLeapist1897d ago

He had to. His boner had been getting harder and harder for 5 freakin' years.

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PhantomTommy1897d ago

That made for some uncomfortable viewing, still kind of sweet though I guess.

BattleTorn1897d ago

I guess so. But was that her mom filming?

Bimkoblerutso1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Yeah, I'm happy for them I guess, was just a little weird. They were acting like he was getting home from Afghanistan or something.

AngelicIceDiamond1897d ago

Hes happy that shes not a big girl lol.

GearSkiN1897d ago

They did chat on
Skype. I'm happy for those two tho.

Mythicninja1897d ago

With the amount fat girls the internet pulls in, you'd think it was covered in grease, and shipped in sugar

LiquifiedArt1896d ago

That is an absurd quote. lol. Bub+

WeskerChildReborned1897d ago

Congrats for them. Who knew gaming could be like online dating lol.

spaceg0st1897d ago

yea... uncomfortable viewing is an accurate way to describe this video. 90% of it is them hugging... the other 10% is awkward small talk, the back to hugging.

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The story is too old to be commented.