Halo 4 - "Closing Hostilities" Music Sample

A new sample piece from the Halo 4 soundtrack has been found, titled "Closing Hostilities".

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Smkt2339d ago

game is looking really good but really disappointed with the music so far.. maybe MS is keeping the best tracks under wraps.

lonesoul652339d ago

really? I have to disagree. I am really excited about the new music direction and think it will work great with the game. Most the tracks aren't designed to really be listened to straight through as they are multi-directional pieces that are designed to change with game flow. I like what i hear so far as it does still have a lot of that massive attack sound to it...well see what the final ends up as

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Frankfurt2339d ago

I like the music, but it's definely not what i expect from Halo, and it sure isn't on the same level as previous soundtracks.

PockyKing2339d ago

You want them to release the whole soundtrack before the game even comes out? I want to be surprised when I play the game for the first time.

Muffins12232339d ago

The soundtrack is amazing....but it think the old halo 3's menu music is still the best :D

A7XEric2339d ago

I actually really enjoyed this track. Assuming its some sort of combat encounter music I think it's great and quite epic, especially compared to some of the totally un-epic and undramatic techno/rock crap that was in Reach's encounters.

Balcrist2336d ago

Halo's music has always, from the very first game, been Iconic. People who didn't play Halo, knew that what they were listening to, was Halo. When Reach commercials aired, everyone who heard the first note, looked to the TV, and knew that it was Halo. When i listened to this track, it was good, but it didn't scream "HALO" to me, it wasn't iconic (granted it hasn't had much time to become iconic)... but I really hope that this isn't representative of the rest of the music... I had a bad feelings about it as soon as i heard that they got someone besides Martin O'Donnell to do the music, and it seems they are being realized...