Can The Dying Genre of Survival Horror Be Revived?

Matthew of WTG: "The ‘survival horror’ genre has existed across multiple generations of consoles and overtime has evolved from its origins. More recent games, such as Resident Evil 5, have seen a shift in how this experience is delivered, and it can be argued that this genre is in a decline. With Slender, a new, free PC horror game that demonstrating that the survival horror genre is still alive, perhaps survival horror games can still appeal to, and more importantly scare, the masses."

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Godmars2902344d ago

Not by anyone - Capcom - trying to capitalize on COD.

KyRo2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Indie games seem to be doing the scary side of things these days. Both Paranornal and Slender, while being basic and the other in beta, put the big 'horror' games to shame.

I hate the way horror games are dying out when we have so much power in consoles to do crazy stuff that weren't possible a gen or two ago. The thought of a Fatal Frame/project Zero game on PS3 or XBox would blow my mind.

The only game this gen that I have considered scary to the point where I struggled to play it was Forbidden Siren.

Venox20082343d ago

siren is great, but it is a remake of ps2 siren 1.. actually all Siren games are this gen the really good horror games I know (not a dead space - it's a shooter with horror elements) are Fatal frame/project zero IV, amnesia and I actually liked silent hill SM and downpour.. (didn't try slender yet and paranormal)

Wizziokid2344d ago

I won't class Resident Evil as a Survival Horror any more so i'm not to sure of any upcoming games in the genre but it can be saved, all it needs is the right dev with the passion to do so.

Day Z, which isn't the best example is a slight example of a survival horror which works the way it should, it might not be scary to everyone but the concept is right.

MilkMan2344d ago

Who said it was dying?
Its getting with the times.

If I have to move another character around like I was moving a truck I'm gonna kill someone for real.

KUDOS to Capcom for finally playing a Gears of War game and learning the control schemes.
I played the RE6 demo and based on that, first I jizzed, second I pre-ordered the thing.

Kyosuke_Sanada2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Judging by your screen name Capcom couldn't have chosen a better consumer.....

NoFanboyRequired2344d ago

Lol, bubbs up for the funny xD

MilkMan2343d ago

What can I say? a great game is a great game. I'm not beholden to the the old sh!t.
You want classics this aint a car show. Go play the classics. I own them.
Things either move forward or they die.

I don't know ANY game that is PURE anything.
name one...
Every game nowadays has something from other genres. Even racers. The idea here is to find different ways to scare an audience.

Alan Wake tried, gamers took a big heaping dump on that game.
Silent Hill was getting repetitive, and you can only make but so many games of killing zombies interesting in the RE series. They had to go a different route. First co-op. then amp up the action.
Dead Space was awesome (still is) and now it looks like they are about to do it again.

In fact Lost Planet 3 seems to be going in the direction of Dead Space 1.
So you guys jonesing for a slower ride "may" get it there.
I'm just as thrilled about that game as I am about RE6.

Point is, if its fun then play it. Never mind what it used to be.

Irishguy952344d ago

You mean it's becoming part of the Action game genre/

Survival horror is dying. Getting with the times hasn't improved those games/ they simply switched genre/

spunnups2344d ago

Cant think of any good recurring Survival Horror franchises...Silent Hill? Meh. RE is now Gears with more Zombies. What was that downloadable only game from SCEJ on the PS3 that was one and done? That looked good but never got aroun to playing more than just the demo.

RIP SURVIVAL HORROR. Was one of my fav genres back in the day.

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