New 360 exclusive announced

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool 360 fan who's become concerned by the lack of exclusive third-party 360 games of late, then fret not, for there's a new console exclusive heading to Microsoft's machine.
So what is it? Mass Effect 2? BioShock Zero? Well, not quite. In fact, it's nothing less than Alarm für Cobra 11 – Crash Time.

Based on the German TV series of the same name (which revolves around the explosive exploits of a German motorway patrol unit and usually involves plenty of trashed vehicles), Crash Time is an enhanced port of the PC game that was released in Germany last November.

And with no other next-gen console versions announced, it seems that the 360 is going to be the only one of the big three consoles to get it.

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sonarus3590d ago

yep 360 owners really need it. lol

GRRiMREEAPeR3590d ago

Howcome this story hasent been Posted yet???....

mikeslemonade3590d ago

This is how it's going to be. Unless Microsoft pays they're really not going to get a major 3rd party exclusive. It's going to be games that no body cares about. The development team is probably so small that it can't even develop for the two systems at the same time if it wanted to.

Dmack793590d ago

they even said not to get too excited.

Hagaf223590d ago

it has, and its tried to be resubmitted about 7 times, look it up, it wont get submitted again theres enough who know what stories are duplicates...

Fototherapist3590d ago

Who cares? Another Stuntman clone?

MADGameR3590d ago

I bet its going to be WAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THAN MGS4 and FFXIII series!! O_O

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akaFullMetal3590d ago

so its kinda like a stunt man game, well thats cool, wonder if it will be better than them???

LastDance3590d ago


MetalProxy3590d ago

Why the HELL did I buy a 360!! :)

ColdWinter3590d ago

why would u want this crap when u have burnout which is 100x more fun

Dups3590d ago

Because you've played both right?

titntin3590d ago

Errr. forgive me if I don't get too excited!
A port of fairly low key PC title? I sincerlerly doubt this will be any good.

Microsoft must and WILL have some exclusives to announce I'm sure - I worked on one at the end of last year, so unless they trash it there's at least one!:) Expect a few reasonable announcements at the Developers conference...

Nevers3590d ago

M$ needs some exciting news... well, no... I need some exciting news from M$.

mighty_douche3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Couple shots from the PC version here....

Trailer for the PC version here....

Cant find any reviews (english ones anyway).