Are Sony and Microsoft Planning On Nerfing The Next-Gen?

Planet Ivy investigates why it's taken Sony and Microsoft so long to release their next generation of consoles.

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DA_SHREDDER1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

"the current generation consoles have aged gracefully. "

I agree. The ps3 has aged very well, and you can get a 360 on the cheap, the value in that is unmatched ( if you only play third party titles its all you need really). I couldn't watch 3D movies or play GOW, Motorstorm, Star Hawk, Uncharted, ect, ect,,, if it weren't for the ps3. Sure better graphics are always welcome, but graphics isn't worth the price difference between next gen and my ps3. That's why all my friends on pc boast about, (teh grafix), which doesn't make sense cause I catch them playing games and running SNES emulators that look like garbage all the time. LOL!

It's all about the price now. I'm totally comfortable with buying a system that's no more than $300. If next gen cost more, I will definitely be riding out my ps3 longer than I anticipated.

hakis861857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

To the author of this opinion piece; How do you get 2005 -> 2012 to be eight years?

When I use my fingers to count, I only get to seven ;-)

The Xbox 360 was launched 7 years ago, not 8. (Well, in November it will be 7 years ago;

EDIT: Hmm will I buy a Next-Gen console at launch... sure why not, smartphones are just as expensive and how long do we keep one before we upgrade, honestly?

Depends if both Microsoft and Sony has learned that they need a lot of good games at launch/in the launch window, and a decent price.

ZoyosJD1857d ago

He counted 2005, 2012, and the years between rather than the difference between the two. Sad, common mistake.

Yet the point is the same, and the tech has been around that long.

On topic: Its about balancing deminishing returns and long term profitablity.

Personally, the reason I put up with updates, hackers, etc. is the community, which is at its best at launch. That's why I'll be day 1 this time.

Good games and a decent price are really all they need at launch.

Dante1121857d ago

Not buying a 720 at launch this year. My 360 broke down on me within the first two weeks. Not feeling MS whole push on Kinect within that console as well. Might just wait out next gen.

Diver1857d ago

what they do is one thing but valve is planning on changing next gen totally:


MostJadedGamer1857d ago

Actually it hasn't even been 7 years yet its only been 6 years, and 8 months.

under taker 341857d ago

"Not buying a 720 at launch this year. My 360 broke down on me within the first two weeks. Not feeling MS whole push on Kinect within that console as well. Might just wait out next gen."

the next xbox isn't going to be made of the same parts dude. did the first xbox had the same issue?, so it was something new for Microsoft.

the xbox slim was made as a response to greatly changed the 360's image, so i'm sure it's on their mind once again.

morganfell1857d ago

Oh look, some fans of of a certain OS are apparently feeling the heat by disagreeing with Diver. Tough. Valve is changing the equation by giving gamers a free, continually updated rock solid, smart, flexible operating system to game on.

Valve is giving gamers a great choice and I can't wait.

miyamoto1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Looks like the HD consoles had the better strategy in the long run because they started with HD foundation early and are able to last longer than Nintendo.

Now Sony & MS are in the position to provide more affordable gaming for the masses at the $200.00 price point which will surely be accessible to the masses.

Also with titles like The Last of Us I am sure the PS3 can stand toe-to-toe with the Wii U.

But still like Iwata stated its not about graphics but games, This might work on PS360's favor now.

The Last of Us
God of War Ascension
The Last Guardian
FF Versus XIII
Bioshock Infinite
BOps 2
Tomb Raider
Hitman: Absolution
Halo 4
Battlefield 4

2012 & 2013 will be a very exciting years for the PS360!

decrypt1857d ago

They already nerfed this gen, Why would next gen be any different lol.

pixelsword1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

It's the economy, stupid (to quote from Bill Clinton's campaign [no offense to anyone]).

Sony hunkered down for the economic recession by going ahead of the curve using a motion-controlled controller and high-tech up the wazoo (but later on added the heretofore known move to the PS3's arsenal BUT basically had a mediocre showing for the sixaxis and move because of the lack of dedication to both motion controls), Nintendo's stab at it was the cost-effective Wii with the dedicated motion controls and dedicated games for the motion controls which became a smashing success and prompted others to follow, and Microsoft's solution was to make a pretty smart middle-ground between tech and tact which resulted in the 360 having add-ons like HD-DVD, HDD, and Kinect.

The result is the following (which is happening)

1. If the PS3 made a profit or not, it could carry on two whole generations depending upon software upgrades, new programming techniques to the Cell, and already having the space to implement newer/next gen titles because of the Blu-Ray, Cell Processor, and other cutting-edge tech (like 3d)

2. Nintendo would make a profit, but it would have the option to advance it's tech if sales drooped on the Wii (which Nintendo did with the Wii U)

3. Microsoft can extend their abilities using add-ons if necessary, using third-party people to supply general gaming concerns, and using their internal game divisions to supplement any specific add-ons.

GaminGuys1857d ago

Count 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 unless 2005 wasn't an entire year for you. We ended up waiting that almost entire year for the Xbox 360. It was the longest year of them all.

esemce1857d ago

Well the 360 is going to be at least 8 years old by the time 'Next Gen' starts, which is pathetic.

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ScubbaSteve1857d ago

That's a fallacy, a more powerful system doesn't not equate to just graphics. It allows developers more creativity and freedom with many engine options.

Maybe one designer wants to have a game with just a ridiculous amount of zombies, look what happened to dead rising on the Wii. Maybe one developer wants to have everything in the game destructible like Red Faction, that requires a lot of power. When I load up Mount & Blade on my PC I want the biggest, baddest, most awesome fights possible. So I crank up the unit count as high as it can go. That game is ugly as sin and it can still tax your computer when you have hundreds of units on the field.

So do we need more powerful consoles? Sure. There will certainly be games that are linear, bland, and focus on nothing but graphics, sure, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoy watching games push the edges of realism just as much as I enjoy watching them develop innovative game-play mechanics.

Dms20121857d ago

What IDIOT disagreed with you, it made perfect sense to me. Do they want games to just be pretty with stagnant environments and stupid AI? If you go outside and pay attention, say in a park, the level of activity, movement, and ambient sound is something that no game has come close to reaching yet. Power is needed for all of the above, not just higher resolutions and AA.

Anon19741857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I agree with Scubba. I want to see games push the envelope as much as the next guy but I don't think new hardware is necessarily the answer. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it all rests in the hands of the developers. If it were just about the hardware, every game would be an Uncharted or a Gears of War but clearly that's not the case. Certainly the systems are capable, but the games that push those limits are rare.

The reason is that it takes a helluva lot of time, resources and talent to produce huge, AAA games. Few developers these days have the means to create the next Gears or Uncharted because creating games on the current gen hardware is time consuming and expensive.

New hardware might make a few of their tasks easier but really, if they weren't pushing the hardware now it's not logical for those who conclude that new hardware is just going to magically transform all games. Just like how not every game on the PC is the Witcher 2, or Battlefield 3.

It's not about the hardware. All new hardware means is that developers who weren't able to push the systems before can now become lazier when it comes to optimizing their games to run correctly. And it means development becomes even more expensive.

The next gen can take as long as it needs to as far as I'm concerned. I really can't see new hardware creating any kind of leap in the games we play, and I've read many developers who believe the same thing.

Pintheshadows1857d ago

I think AI needs new technology to genuinely improve as well (or as far as developers want to take it). To think that new hardware is only about graphical improvements is very narrow minded and shows huge naivety. Sure, I like graphics but they aren't the be all and end all and the only thing to a game.

On the graphics front I expect one thing that will improve drastically on next gen tech is lighting. BF3 on PC made me realise just how far lighting has come over the last 5 years.

ronin4life1857d ago

The problem I have with pumping up the power is how it is done: graphics get the brunt of the attention. From xbox to 360, the games were largely the same, but prettier(when they worked...) and unlike previous gens graphical horsepower as the main focus wasn't enough to actually advance games.

Hopefully, the advance of power will lead to more stable platforms with better performance, and increased complexity of ai and processing ability instead of just a bump up in visual quality, which is having less and less affect on advancing game design going forward.

We need bug free games with convincing ai and interesting gameplay mechanics, not prettier but braindead, stuttering versions of games we already have.

andibandit1857d ago

I care about graphics but it's not my main thing.

Give me 64player BattleField on console or give me a PC.

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Beahmscream1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Thank you Dms. I think what people need to realize is that improved technology doesn't just mean improved GRAPHICS! It is so much more. AI, Physics, Animation, Better Multiplayer, Bigger Worlds, More room for developers to explore in general.

ronin4life1857d ago

It can mean that. But this last gen doesn't give me much confidence that developers will use increased power for anything other than unnecessary glorified "shoe polish".

n4f1857d ago

im pretty have already done it.
well i mean specially m$.
why im saying m$?
- because they buy or having potential studio but then they make sh!t games or they dont do sh!t. they also invest in time exclusive which is wack.
i use say that my friend was crasy for saying that the gaming market is going for a crash and the main cause was m$ but i think its not crasy after all.

Reverent1857d ago

You talk like a prehistoric caveman.

Mainsqueeze1857d ago

SMH...this guy has 5 bubbles my god that is sad.

Danniel11857d ago

Dude, I'd lay low if I were you because you're probably wanted for raping the English language.

cjflora1857d ago

@ undertaker

It doesn't matter if it's made from different parts. The fact that Microsoft willingly released a known broken console just so they could be first to market is reason enough for me to avoid them. Their customer's shouldn't suffer just so that they can get a jump start.

Who knows what they'll sacrifice next gen in order to try and get ahead. I say wait it out 6 months to a year and see how solid the hardware is before diving in.

sack_boi1857d ago

Sony did it with the PS1 and more so with the PS2. But unlike Microsoft they refused to replace your console for free.

Abdou231857d ago

I think they would want to make them as powerful as they can,because they would want next gen to last even longer than thisgen.

MrKingofVideoGames1857d ago

Madden celebrated 15 years with Madden 2005 and 20 years with Madden 2009... welcome to video game math!

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LOGICWINS1857d ago

I'm stickin with my PS3 till the PS4 is the same price as the PS3 is now.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

yup! Not buying ps4 at launch. My 2012 pc (gtx 680) will do until 2016 - 2017.. And I doubt ps4 or 720 will have a big ass gtx 680 in it by next year.

PC technology is moving even faster than 2006. It seems that It will be hard for console makers to keep up this time around.

Not to mention Nvidia is expected to make a big jump with Nvidia Maxwell Gpu (delayed till 2014).

lol why disagrees? It's true! The faster technology that we create the faster we can create better technology! Moore's law doesn't apply to consoles.

Then when Nvidia (Project Denver) comes? Having a Nvidia Gpu & Cpu in a gaming pc. My God..

so in short yes console makers will try to save money. If WiiU Takes off MS & Sony will compete with it. MS already has there touch screen thingy..

Hisiru1857d ago

Yeah yeah, I wanna see you guys say it when some good PS4 exclusive games arrive.

LightofDarkness1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

They won't have a GTX 680 in them by next year. Those chips are too hot and power hungry to fit inside a sleek, quiet console design, not to mention far too expensive. Unless there's some massive breakthrough in the manufacturing process, don't count on it. At most, expect something like 78XX series equivalent, and that's if the console's housing is pretty big.

Muerte24941857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )