5 Games That Prove 2012 Isn’t A Lost Cause

The general vibe surrounding this year of video gaming so far is that it’s been something of a letdown and that it will continue to disappoint in the remaining five months we’ve got left of it. Right now, it feels as if the general majority of gamers are so eager to see the next-generation of consoles, they’re willing to overlook some of the most promising titles of the current generation in favour of sheer speculation and perhaps unfounded anticipation. Is this the right stance to take on the industry at this moment?

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smashman982318d ago

who said 2012 was a lost cause this is shaping up to be a good year just a little more spaced out than last year with not every game coming out in november

thetrugamer2318d ago

That's how I want it to be. My wallet hurts in November.

TopDudeMan2318d ago

Last year, I said 2012 looked like it would be pretty boring, but now I've seen what's coming out, it'll be far from it.

coolbeans2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I think the problem that's been developing with the industry is some sort of "the year it could have been syndrome" (<-name soon to be registered by the Amer. Psy. Assoc. :P). At the beginning, we announce the games we're most hyped for and typically see them get pushed through to next year:

-Last of Us
-Last Guardian
-Bioshock: Infinite

(*Some of those didn't have a solid 2012 release date planned, but that doesn't mean we weren't hoping to see them this year.)

Although it's a shame most of my hyped retail titles are shooting-heavy FPS, at least the arcade market across 360, PS3, PC shows an amazing amount of variety.

doogiebear2318d ago

Only Xbox dudes are hurting in the beginning and middle of this year. All they got to look forward to is 3rd party's and Halo/Gears AGAIN.

It's true, don't hate.

BitbyDeath2318d ago

Halo is a pretty good way to end the year though.
I wish PS3 had something as big this year but next year will surely make up for that.

anony-mouse2318d ago

This year has been, and will be, a fantastic year imho. Diablo 3, Tribes: Ascend, Planetside 2, Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Spec Ops, Borderlands 2, Aliens, Tomb Raider, Dust 514, Torchlight 2, Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers 2013, Blacklight Retribution, Endless Space... between what's coming and what's already been released, this has been a stellar year. It sounds more like this guy's grumpy that he didn't get as much of the sequels that he wanted

R_aVe_N2318d ago

That really wasnt a good list if you ask me the only game im getting on that list is Assassin's Creed 3. Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are more down my ally.

VonBraunschweigg2318d ago

Starhawk was released 2 months ago, mad fun online. Don't need much else this year actually.

GhostHero3332318d ago

Really? No CoD: BOs 2, no Guild Wars 2, no Resident Evil 6, no Medal of Honor: Warfighter, no Wii U, no Crysis 3. Really? Sometimes I wonder why people who no almost nothing about video games think they can make a list that determines how good video games make a year.

doogiebear2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

COD is getting boring, Resident Evil 6 has some people scratching their heads harder than a bad case of dandruff; very little is shown/known about MOH and Crysis 3; and the Wii U isn't offering anything special in terms of games in 2012 (even though the launch of a new system is usually exciting, E3 disappointed Nintendo fans such as myself, in terms of what the Big N will offer for 2012).