DICE: Battlefield 3 story "is still just the beginning"

Battlefield developer DICE has insisted there's plenty still to come for Battlefield 3 in a statement issued to fans following the announcement of Battlefield 4.

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geth1gh2338d ago

Not really, this was obviously planned unless dice/ea are the dumbest of all companies on the face of this planet. Funny enough that's actually not far from the truth, with ea at-least.

Anyways, the same exact thing happened with BF3. It was "accidentally" announced by the last MOH via beta access advertisement. Although I don't think it was ever official that it was actually a accident.

Then this with the new MOH? No way it's a accident. Makes it clear that they are gonna start heading the COD route, quantity over quality. Shame.

yoyo121212337d ago

I know they messed up starting on bf4 when they should be focusing on bf3 until march

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2338d ago

Of course there's more to come. And then BF 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on will come out, just like COD's, and everyone will love them each time they come out, unlike COD, because it's the cool thing to hate on COD, but love BF!

Of course, me liking both games, I have no problem with annual releases of these games, yet I do find it ironic that the cool kids these days love to hate on one of them. People who love these games, Madden games, 2K Basketball, MLB the show, COD's, BF's... we love more of our favorite games every year.

Bring them on!

fermcr2338d ago

Hummm ... did anybody play the BF3 single player/story mode ?

Who cares about the story?

sfadul2338d ago


I did and I actually liked it.

Belive it ot not, there are some gamers who preffer a story driven single player over competitive online MP.

Them_Bones2338d ago

BF3 still has the worst written story I've played this gen. I didn't know who anyone was and what I was doing, medal of honour was more or less just as bad, at the end I was like who died why is everyone so sad :(

yoyo121212337d ago

I agree I didn't like that every mission was a flashback

ExCest2335d ago

That's actually a really bad reason to not like a story. If you were to read Frankenstein, would you hate it? I myself didn't find the story for BF3 to be "good" but it wasn't for some reason like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.