Kotaku: New Gundam Game is Fun and Free-to-Play (…For Only 30 Minutes a Day)

Kotaku: "Set during the original Gundam series, this multiplayer third-person shooter reenacts some of the biggest battles in the One Year War, with six people siding with the Earth Federation and six with Zeon. But is this first step into the world of free-to-play gaming a worthwhile one or is Gundam Battle Operation just another example of 'you get what you pay for.'"

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killerhog2312d ago

For 30 mins a day you can look at it.

Anyways, the Japanese always seem to get it wrong. This is a method devs use on the Idevices to force people to buy "energy packs" or the "full game" to continue playing. I stay away from games like this because it relies heavily on making people buy items. I miss the actual "free-to-play" games, where if I choose to I can play an entire game without *purchasing* anything. I know free-to-play is suppose to be the "new thing" but greedy devs are killing it.