343 Industries hiring for next-gen Halo

343 Industries is staffing up for a next-generation Halo title, according to a job listing uncovered by VideoGamer.

The job ad, which was posted on Microsoft's careers website yesterday, states that "343 Industries is looking for an experienced graphics developer to help create the current and next generation of game visuals in the Halo universe."

"Work on one of the most exciting and creative properties in the industry," the ad states.

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tigertron2313d ago

They're just polishing the game and tweaking the multiplayer right now.

Trust me, as soon as the new year hits, they'll be working on Halo 5.

greenpowerz2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Wizzio knows that. He doesn't even own a 360. He's fussing...

Not surprised Devs are preparing for Next Gen though. Devs have to make epic appearances on new hardware which takes time, money and sweat. Only god knows what will have to go into a new Halo on a new Xbox with all its next gen features and capabilities.

"We are looking for an experienced graphics developer to help us deliver cutting edge graphics technologies for AAA experiences. Candidates should understand and have experience with how to bring great graphics to life."

You have to wonder if wizzio read the article and if he did, did he grasp it? Next gen is around the corner they have most likely have already been working on Halo 5 in some capacity.

Wizziokid2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

"He doesn't even own a 360. He's fussing."

Add me: Wizziokid

By the way I know they will be working on 5 as soon as 4 drops but the point is why not wait and see what happens with 4 first? it's a fair point.

PockyKing2313d ago

See what happens with 4? It's going to see a ton of copies and thousands will be playing online. There are series with fans who will purchase anything with the name of the game on it. (NOT SAYING IT"S A BAD GAME)

Laxman2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

"see what happens with 4"

There are more pre-orders on Halo 4 than there are on every single platform combined for Black Ops 2 (im not comparing the games, im just using Black Ops 2 as an example due to the extremely high sales the CoD series brings in). There is no way it is going to be anything other than an insane success.

aviator1892313d ago

They've obviously just planning ahead. 343i isn't the only company that does this. Besides, I think they realize that Halo 4 will be an instant commercial success and the team is just polishing the game now anyways.

lategamer2313d ago

Pre-production needs to begin. Story boards, concepts. Where does 343i want the story to go? Start working on and with the new tech, etc.

You said why not wait until Halo 4 is released. Why wait at all? Halo 4 is done. Now its just polishing and tweaking, as well as bug fixing. If they can start on the next Halo why wouldn't they?

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DiRtY2313d ago

I have Halo 4 on pre-order, but I can't wait to see Halo 5 on a new hardware.

Laxman2312d ago

Very possible! I think the last time an FPS was widely considered GOTY by the industry and community was Halo 3. And Halo Combat Evolved before that.

neutralgamer192313d ago

I would like to see how Halo and Gears also look on a new console and also Alan Wake. Between Sony and Micro i must admit im anxious to see what they do next gen. Ill most likely have those two next gen babies side by side on my 3D 55 inch Samsung lol

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