Rogues and Romance - Literary Dream or Girl Gamer's Nightmare? - The Heroines of Jane Austen’s works have been my companions since I was young and I love them all, but none so much as the witty and loyal Elizabeth Bennet. Pride and Prejudice is my undisputed favourite book and I read it about twice a year. So when I heard gossip of a Pride and Prejudice video game I gave a great huzza of joy. Could it be? The wall that divided my love of video games and my love of literature was to be demolished? What could it be? An RPG? A Dating Simulator? A Georgian-era Sims? Fantasies of the brooding Mr. Darcy dancing with me using my Kinect flitted through my mind. But, like the flirtatious Mr.Wickham, things were not as wonderful as they seemed.

Hidden freaking’ objects! Are you serious? Thats what they thought would be the best use of one of the greatest love stories of all time? Finding crap in a cluttered room? Oh, but lets add a Facebook element because people love getting their friends’ game stats on their news feed. I am sick and...

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