Medal of Honor Warfighter Developer Commentary & Battlefield 4 Beta

Creative Director of multiplayer Kristoffer Bergqvist delivers insider access on Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer gameplay, including details on fire teams, support actions, class abilities and more. Plus Pre-Order Medal of Honor Warfighter and access the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta!

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units2341d ago

Look like the rumours were true afterall.

Nitrowolf22341d ago

This is waaaay to soon TBH. I mean we have BF3 content schedule till next year. I don't want BF4 for this generation of consoles either, especially knowing that BF3 is dumb down on the consoles compared to PC.

Why no Bad Company 3? :(

GuyThatPlaysGames2341d ago

MoH looks garbage like usual. The only thing I like in it is the buddy system. Other than that, the series is dead to me.

Wizziokid2341d ago

Like i said before please don't release BF4 this gen, keep it for next Gen so we can have a multiplayer like PC on console

Straightupbeastly2341d ago

Lol they have a support package. EA is dead to me. This game looks terrible

JBSleek2341d ago

It would seem that they have gone the way of Call of Duty with annual releases of their two franchises.

Whether it was BC3 or BF4 they are releasing titles of the same caliber/engine every year which is just like Activision and just because it has a different name doesn't justify it.

Cycle BF and MOH is just like MW and Blops. Hmm I wonder will this launch on the new Xbox though. Also isn't this a kick in the face to all BF premium members?

Pieface082341d ago

BF4 is coming out too soon, I'm not happy at all don't get like COD PLEASE....

Hufandpuf2340d ago

just to put it in perspective

Bad Company 1 - 2008
Bad Company 2 - 2010

BF3 - 2011
BF4 - ?2013?

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