Should video game titles feature more R rated content?

Darry Linington from ITF Gaming writes: While nudity and sexual endeavours are rarely focused upon when it comes to the development of video games… would the inclusion of this R rated material really make a difference when it comes video games? I am not saying that this is something that is lacking or needed within the industry; however, is it something that gamers of age would prefer to see more or less of?

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v0rt3x2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Absolutely. It is high time for the gaming industry to grow up a little.

Any parents who have a problem with that - should take better care of exposing their children to suitable content.

It's not like Television or the Movie industry is any different, but compared to those - they are miles ahead of mature content - than gaming.

Of course this does not mean we should single out children or teenagers.

We can still enjoy games that are suitable for everyone - but when it comes to certain titles such as "Doom" - I wouldn't mind sticking an R or AO rating on it.

Which reminds me - AO seems to have completely vanished from the face of the earth.

And yet - most of us are all adults. Seems a bit ironic to me.

PopRocks3592313d ago

I think the number of ignorant parents will dwindle as more and more core gamers age and become parents themselves. Monitoring what my kids play is what I fully intend to do.

Shnazzyone2313d ago

It already has r rated content up the wazoo. You're already having sex with prostitutes and seeing tits. We already have a porn game fringe much like the film industry. What the writer wants is x rated content. Notice how few x rated movies there are?

I'd rather games be more fun and creative then waste time and energy just making pornographic content.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2313d ago

^ I Agree

Retail stores would not sell it.

So, it would have to be a Download Title or strictly online.

Also, you will alienate a ton of potential customers over a novelty.

goldwyncq2313d ago

As long as its not gratuitous(*cough* God of War *cough*), then I don't see why not.

Saryk2313d ago

As a parent and a gamer, hell yes make more adult content! But please minimal sex, nudity is fine, but sex is just sex, I can watch porn freely!

DivineAssault 2313d ago

as long as its tastefully done YES! They should include R rated content.. They have a rating scale so children dont buy these games just like movies

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