8 PS Vita must have apps

8 apps you need on your Vita. From keeping in touch, watching videos or getting arty: these are the freebie applications you need on your handheld.

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Stuart57562339d ago

Try and guess all 8 without reading the article, I'll bet you get em!

Thatguy-3102339d ago

Aren't there only about 8 Lmao

remanutd552339d ago

i dont like Paint Park and i havent used Music Unlimited, the others yes.

spandle2339d ago

What about must have game's ?? I couldn't care less about apps.

Liamabob2339d ago

Hopefully this Playstation Mobile thing takes off.

DivineAssault 2339d ago

im not clicking through every page.. None are must have apps.. I got vita for games.. The apps are just extras & cool... Now when ps1 games become available via store or an app, ill say its a must have

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