Shinji Mikami interview: 'To be told Japanese games suck is a bit harsh'

Shinji Mikami was the creative force behind many of Capcom's biggest titles. But is he really set to hang up his directorial hat at his own Tango Gameworks studio?

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Hufandpuf2313d ago

The guy that said Japanese games sucked didn't mean ALL of them ever. He meant that today in this generation the Japanese presence has severely declined and or is borderline non existent.

Sure we get good Japanese games now, but not nearly as much as we used too.

The Meerkat2313d ago

Last gen I would buy games from certain Japanese developers on strength of their name alone.

This gen I avoid them.

rezzah2313d ago

i still find some of their games to be different in a fun way when compared to western games. I think I enjoy their gameplay the most overall.

Just in general though, not every single title out there.

Gigawatt252313d ago

Well he was quoted saying that all of them sucked. There is no escaping that. For every bad Japanese, I can name 2 bad american games.

sjaakiejj2313d ago

Out-of-context quotes tend to have that effect, which is why the press loves them - they make for good headlines. Putting things back in context afterwards often shows that the intent of what was said was something very different from what the press made out of it.

JBSleek2313d ago

Japanese is going to need to be westernized in order for them as a whole to survive as some will due to fan base and excellent game.

Yi-Long2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

... the reason right now Japanese games aren't doing as good as they did, is because some of them are trying TOO MUCH to be like WESTERN games, and they absolutely fail at doing so.

Just look at the more recent Resident Evil games.

Japan just has to do what it was doing 15-20 years ago, which is making original, fun, challenging games which aren't afraid to be unlike western games.

And yeah, you will have games that WILL appeal to a western audience, and those that don't. However, GOOD games will usually always find an audience. Mediocre games usually won't, no matter how 'western' you make them.

The problem, perhaps also mentioned in this great article/interview, is perhaps that companies like Capcom are now much more run by 'suits' who are much more strict when it comes to giving their developers/creators FREEDOM, as they are just about making MONEY.

THAT'S the problem!

That said, there are still some very good games coming out of Japan, like Xenoblade Chronicles, Dark Souls, Vanquish, etc etc.

thesummerofgeorge2313d ago

I agree. What I used to love most about Japanese games and their stories, was how they broke the mold and surprised me with things I never expected from a video game.

The Japanese fearless, unorthodox approach to games was their greatest asset. I'd much prefer it if the Japanese developers would completely ignore what western developers are doing, and go back to making games their own way.

DragonKnight2313d ago

What the hell are you talking about? The whole reason there is a problem with Japanese game offerings is because they stupidly listened to idiot pseudo journalists from the west who kept saying that Japanese games weren't as good as Western ones (which is a complete and utter lie since most Western games are generic shooters that suck) and so they decided to Westernize their games.

All Japan needs to do is to remember its roots. Do the things you know, and do them well. Don't do what everyone else says you should be doing, especially when you've never had experience with it before.

Baka-akaB2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

It's ridiculous to even believe that by suddenly copying everyone else , especially people that are masters in a few field of western gaming or with a better reputation , you'd thrive .

Take some of the good elements and improve from your own qualities instead .

Square whoring itself and producing cod clones , as an example wouldnt work out . And by now most of Capcom attempt at shooters are failing or lukewarm if not named resident evil .

BanditGamer2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Not a big fan of the UI in most Japanese games, very 90's.
Also, I find immersion lacking in their games. I don't like being told to "push the action button" by an NPC. I know apologists will make excuses for this but for me it takes away from the immersion

Baka-akaB2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

It's fair and to each their own i guess . Personally i find a lot more off putting things in quite a few western games UI and HUD-wise .

Like the silly blood clutter effects of late in most fps , the inane target/npc meter distance , and the horrible "follow " on screen ping in games like COD .
Hell the whole of cod's ui in a nutshell is awful .

Most WRPGS UI are straight from the 90's too . Take Kingdom of Amalur , different inventory 'tabs' are a wonderful idea, but the lack of alerts when something was new was bad. it was always difficult to open the tabs you wanted consistently. it was just clunky, bland, vague, and seemed like a 90s action rpg and not a 2010s action rpg.

Let's not even get started on Skyrim and Fallout 3 without mods , or worse on consoles .

Mass Effect 2's (PC) menus are egregious. You can't scroll, no double click, sometimes no Esc function. The poor use of mouse functionality is also evident when moving the Normandy around in a star system. And yet they refuse you the use of a pad .
And ME1's UI was a clusterfest .

Redempteur2313d ago

Except that japanese games doesn't suck .they are still leaders on many fields of gaming

wishingW3L2313d ago

leaders maybe in small handheld games because on consoles the leaders are Uncharted, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed and the likes.

Redempteur2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Lol , so only Tps games count ?

They are still leaders on the front with fighting games ( see EVO this year ), all 2d techniques and cell shading techniques , action games ..and aside from squarenix downfall this gen they are still leaders in the rpgs genre.

I'd argue that nintendo is still unmatched when it comes to platforming games too ( 2d or 3d )

Baka-akaB2313d ago

Hell they can do good sandbox games too when they feel like it . To this day the yakuza series blows quite a few game away easily . And recently Dragon Dogma is pretty awesome

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