New "contextual looks" details revealed for The Last of Us

Several new details have been revealed regarding the “contextual looks” feature in the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive action-adventure game, The Last of Us.

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Dante1122338d ago

"In a recent video interview on G4TV, Naughty Dog talked a bit about contextual looks, which are certain glowing objects that you can interact with in the environment. This feature is intended to add more stories into the exploratory aspects of the game. By interacting with these optional objects, more information is revealed about the characters, including their background and perspectives. You can find the “contextual looks” items on the main and tangent paths in your journey."

Sweet, can't wait for The Last of Us.

WeskerChildReborned2337d ago

Same here, gonna be a day 1 buy for me.

NastyLeftHook02337d ago

the last of us spills out quality, i have to stop myself sometimes from viewing extra vids from it to avoid being spoiled.

Dante1122337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Yeah, and I'm not even visiting N4G one week before The Last of Us comes out. Xbox fans usually go on youtube (people who get the game early from their gaming shop), watch the ending and go around spoiling the game for others because they're angry they can't play it. They tried to do it for MGS4, did it with Heavy Rain, did it with Uncharted 3.

Edit: @ tentonsoftube and theunleashed

Word. Those guys were really determined to spoil Heavy Rain. Spoilers on neogaf, ALL the major gaming forums and sites, ESPN highlight comment section (I even had to say WTF) and you couldn't search any of the Heavy Rain characters on google ("Did you mean......O.O..-_-...really..R EALLY!")

NastyLeftHook02337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Exactly, i had heavy rain spoiled because i came here when the reviews were showing up, People were even spoiling the game by making it there actual name, so immature and thoughtless.


that's a shame, i hope that person was banned, thats a major insult.

theunleashed642337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

yep had heavy rain spoiled for me. right before it released some jerk sent me a message and as soon as i saw the name of the subject i couldn't stop myself from cursing alot.

EDIT: @tentonsoftube and dante112

it's a real shame how someone can be that ignorant and bitter to spoil a game's story.

Skateboard2337d ago

Shit I was smart. I didn't go on the internet until i was finished.

WildArmed2337d ago

Good idea.
I spoiled Uncharted 2 like that, saw too much gameplay/scenes from the game.

Uncharted 1/3 I went in blind and was wow'd.

southernbanana2337d ago

Looking forward to purchasing this game. I do not plan on allowing anyone to spoil it for me, guess I will just avoid any articles that relate to this game.