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Marvel the Avengers: Battle for Earth Impressions

Today Ubisoft released a new trailer and screenshots for Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth. Joining the cast of super heroes, villains and Skrulls are Iceman, Dr. Doom, Storm and Venom. Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth will be available on Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii U this Fall 2012. (Kinect, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Wizziokid  +   798d ago
The state of Kinect currently, fighting games just don't work that well, maybe Kinect 2 can fix that but who knows. For me I expected so much more from Kinect when it was first announced, now I can't see any promise in the product apart from dancing games.
edonus  +   798d ago
Why are the most unqualified people always the ones talking about kinect. And the worste thing is they hide their bias opinion in some sort of wishful thinking about it when they clearly have little to no experience with kinect.

The state of kinect fighting games..... yes all 2 of them. Yes kinect has only release 2 real fighting games its entire life cycle. One was a launch title that didnt even have multiplayer Fighters Uncaged and the 2nd was Powerup Heroes which wasnt bad but it was more like a beta test game. If it had more moves and characters it would have been decent. Both of those games had people that liked them well enough.

Another thing is all these games where made by ubisoft so you could say that they have been perfecting the motion fighting game genre and this is actually the first legitimate attempt at a real fighting game.

Reality sucks doesnt it. I have seen this game played and working it is faster and has more moves and dynamics than Power up heroes which was actually a good foundation to start from. This game has excellent potential.
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Wizziokid  +   798d ago
Unqualified? my family own a kinect, I would say I do but it's not mine personally and I've played many of the games. Do i need to go to college and get a qualification to talk about it? opinions are really hard to handle these days eh?

Stop trying to defend something which isn't working. Kinect 1 just can't cope, like I said in my comment maybe Kinect 2 can fix the issues, then we might see a good fighting game that works but until then we wont. oh and because you've seen a video of the game being played (which i have to by the way, got to love youtube) doesn't make you more qualified to talk about it. and from what i saw it has the same kind of issues other kinect fighting games have had in the past.
mcbrid55  +   798d ago
I just feel like you are being little bit optimistic about the ability of the kinect. I'm not saying that you are wrong. Maybe they have perfected it. I just know that out of all the kinect games the detection has been off. Not always off, but off a little bit. In a fighting game that just doesn't seem like a good option to me. It's only an opinion
Shadonic  +   798d ago
Dude you seriously need to check out the kinect hacks they have a kinect mod where hes playing street fighter with kinect it works pretty well the main thing is that the controls or gestures would need to be tweaked for better backwards and forwards movement. Heres the vid.

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mcbrid55  +   797d ago
Ya that is pretty good, but that is no where near the detection needed to actually play Street Fighter 4 competitively. There still was some wonkyness in the punches. The guys that play that game hardcore are literally hitting 10-15 buttons almost every second.
edonus  +   797d ago
You clearly have not used kinect to it fullest abilities or experienced the games with mechanics that could be translated into a solid fighting game thus you clearly arent qualified to judge state or abilities of kinect. You leave yourself open because you give no specifics. I on the other hand I then just added a little bit of context to the argument explaining there isnt any real evidence showing that kinect couldnt pull off a good fighting game. Whats not working... kinect ...its working for me.
Why I am qualified is not because of seeing a few videos on youtube that would be like saying I am qualified to judge because read a review. I am qualified because I have learned how to play kinect games like you learn how to play controller based games I can tell you which games are actually good and not and why.
The only reason I mention seeing this game is to highlight also seeing things that look like they have been corrected.

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