Halo 4: The First Halo Game I Won't Be Buying

An analysis of why "Halo 4" is not shaping up to be worthy of its legacy.

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EVILDEAD3601918d ago

Good for him..Don't worry millions of true Halo fans will be there day one..can't wait to see what this team pulled off..


ginsunuva1918d ago

How does this guy have so many bubbles?

StanLee1918d ago

Writer is another person with a blog and an opinion. SMH. I was really hoping he had something more than, "it's not special!".

Godmars2901918d ago

I'm not getting why'd you say something as simple as it was obvious.

Halo looks like its more of the same, a FPS that's wrapped up in a story too big to be covered by just a FPS, and this guy's just wondering why many are acting like its the next big thing.

Its not necessarily a bad thing that its more of the same, but it is when fans become overly defensive at the accusation.

BobSnappy4151918d ago

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't release you got the game early. It's too bad Halo 4 hasn't made nearly the amount of improvements to the series as games you Sony fans adore, such as God of War 3. Oh wait....

Godmars2901918d ago

For future reference, "looks like" is not a definitive term or an indication of precognitive ability. Its an opinion, much like the one expressed in the article.

Your comment however is a perfect example of being overly defensive, just like GOW3 is of "more of the same" not being a bad thing.

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Robochobo1919d ago

Some views like this are why developers extremely change things in later games and completely alienate it's fanbase. People don't believe there's enough change to call it a new game. From Halo's standpoint now, there's not much they could actually change to have it become a significant effect. Halo 2 had dual wield, Halo 3 had forge mode, Reach had sprinting and armor/item abilities. Sooner or later people run out of ideas, and if they decide to improve on earlier game enhancements, that's ok for me. Pooling together new ideas for next-gen is something they should do, and make this the most polished/balanced Halo yet. Yet, as the man above me stated, it's an opinion.

PhantomTommy1919d ago

What's with everybody judging games based on snippets of information these days? For now, there is absolutely no reason to believe that Halo 4 will not advance the Halo franchise, and so what if Spartan Ops reminds you of Spec Ops? Will that diminish the fun at all? Spec Ops was a good mode so why not take inspiration from it?

PockyKing1918d ago

People hate just to hate. Just because one game uses another games idea and makes it its own people go nuts. Which is really stupid because every game has taken an idea or two from another game.

Dlacy13g1918d ago

What cracks me up is that Spartan Ops is NOTHING like Spec Ops save for a similar sounding name.

Spec Ops - Call of Duty version of Horde mode, you battle w/ 1 other person vs waves of enemies and try to survive as long as you can while earning level up perks, etc... That are played on a set number of maps.

Spartan Ops - weekly download missions - 5 per week can be played solo or coop (up to 4 players), have unique CGI movies to go with each set of missions to help tell that weeks episodes story. locations and mission goals are assumed to be quite different from week to week.

I see the similarities now. /s

CandyCaptain1918d ago

Well actually there is 2 modes in call of duty's spec ops. You merely described one half of it. The other is side stories/missions.

AO1JMM1918d ago

"each game has a bold new step"

Halo 4 brings in the Prometheans/forerunners

Story based episodic content aka Spartan ops.

DivineAssault 1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

im not buying it either.. Not at launch anyway. maybe when its $40

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