Xbox Europe watching $99 Xbox 360 “with interest”

VG247: The subscription-based $99 Xbox 360 currently being sold in the US may become a global offering, Xbox Europe head Chris Lewis has said.

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fermcr2345d ago

Xbox360 has been out for 7 years. By this time it should be 99€ or 149€ without interest.

dark-hollow2345d ago

Yeah! Let them sell the console for a loss at this late of this Generation.

That's a horrible idea.

ABizzel12345d ago

This is no deal, and anyone with half a mind could see this. The only way this would have been a remotely good deal is if it was the 250GB Kinect bundle, but you're better off getting a $199 Xbox 360, or $299 Kinect bundle and paying for Live on your own.

Grap2345d ago

that's something i would buy day one i mean 1 year gold i recall +40$ 2 years gold that's mean 80$ i mean the console it self it's only 10$

ABizzel12345d ago

No the console itself is $99.

Then you have to purchase XBL Gold through MS at $14.99 per month which is $360 for you 2 year CONTRACT. I'm 99% sure that even if you buy XBL separately from you contract subscription you're still going to have to pay for it, and they won't become effective until after your 2 year contract expires.

In essences you're paying $460 over a 2 year time span, when you can buy the same console for $300 now, and as you said find Live for $40, totaling $380. Or better yet wait for a price drop (with PS3 dropping price so will MS, especially near holiday sales time).

nevin12345d ago

I have to agree with fermcr. The intial price of the 360 should be $99.

Nodoze2345d ago

This subscription Xbox is FAR from a good deal. Anyone with 3rd grade math skills can see that.

I guess the sheeple can't add. Baaaaah

It is nice to know there are stupid people on the other side of the pond as well.

JBSleek2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

1. I'm sure you own a phone and you are on the same subsizized plan so would that make you a sheep?

2. What if you don't have $300 to just lump but you have $100 and can spare $15 a month. That isn't a bad deal for some families.

3. This only being an option and most likely to be used to keep next generation system lower I'd say this is a good option and that is what it is an option.

Also it is $15 more therefore it is a good deal you act as if they are being had for hundreds of dollars?

mistajeff2345d ago

It may be spread out over two years, but regardless, $460 is a lot to shell out for a 360 bundle. You'd be better off saving the $300 by being patient and gradually setting aside the money for yourself.

SpecialK2345d ago

At first it seems a bit weird since it would be cheaper to just buy the console and XBl on a yearly payment.

But then its been well known for years that its cheaper overall to buy a smartphone brand new, and just to go with a cheap monthly payment for calls and texts.

But they still fly off the shelves because no one wants to pay £600 upfront for a phone and its easier to have smaller monthly installments, even if the final cost is massive.

could be a great way to sell next gen consoles to people who dont want to pay the massive upfront cost of new hardware.

SpecialK2345d ago

Forgot to add, as long as theres a CHOICE. Pay upfront, or this contract type thing. But thats how it'd be anyway.

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