New Nintendo Direct will make its first YouTube Debut tomorrow

Nintendo of Japan's president, Satoru Iwata, has Tweeted about a new Nintendo Direct.
The Tweet indicates, that the next Nintendo Direct is to big for NicoVideo, and launched a YouTube Channel instead.
If it's to big for NicoVideo, expect to have lots of information incoming, we hope.

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Ck1x2317d ago

Hopefully they reveal some good information. It seems this is their largest Nintendo direct to date if they have to put it on YouTube, so let's hope that its lots of WiiU info...

Hisiru2317d ago

Don't expect anything. This Nintendo Direct will be focused on a japanese game (I forgot the name).

live2play2317d ago

they wont
its about this brain training type of game
and it will last 10 minutes

FinalomegaS2317d ago irectch

no sub.. would be nice :(

PopRocks3592317d ago

The lack of information in this post is laughable. The Nintendo Direct in question is a ten minute piece on a game that can be taken as a pseudo-sequel to the Brain Age games.

So don't expect anything particularly mind blowing from it.

mike1up2317d ago

Why are they putting it on Youtube then? I am not arguing, just confused.

live2play2317d ago

its cheaper then putting it on LIVE? maybe idk
i would assume since its less important they will use teh free youtube service not a live presentation

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kakashishinoda2317d ago

It is That Brain trainer shit

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