Mass Effect 3 Wii U will ship with Extended Cut DLC on DISC, no need to download

Bioware has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 Wii U version will feature all DLC to date on DISC.

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Droid Control2314d ago

Shame it doesn't ship with Mass Effect 1&2!

Come on, who is going to buy the final act of a trilogy 2 years later that its release date on a console without its other parts?

Mass Effect 2 sold quite bad on PS3 for the same reason. Sony didn't have the original. How much worse will it be on the post machine?

EcoSos32314d ago

Wow I didnt know Mass Effect 3 came out in also you dont need to play ME 1&2 they dont chage sh!t in the 3rd one so it would be a waste of time to play them.

2314d ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW2314d ago

I wonder if they are going to include GamePad Functions?

JoNaZ_RG2313d ago

good news for the Nintendo fans.....cowabanga!