Halo 4: 10 Much Needed Improvements On Reach

WC writes: With only a few months to go until we jump back into the boots of everyone’s favourite space marine I’ve taken a look back at the last proper title in the series; Halo: Reach, to decide what I’d like to see improved upon in 343′s first proper foray into the Halo universe.

Putting together this list was no mean feat. Reach was brilliant, a fitting end to Bungie’s run with the Halo saga, but even the best games have room for improvement.

So without further ado and in no particular order, here are 10 things I’d like to see improved upon in Halo 4.

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ALLWRONG2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Halo 4 isn't Reach, not even the same devs (not all of them)

DasTier2289d ago

Apart from improving the Allies AI, I strongly disagree with everything on this list.

Adexus2289d ago

The only points I agreed with is better Forge, which we're getting and better AI which looks like we're also getting, I lol'd at the rest.

DasTier2288d ago

I read his slide on Forge claiming that nothing had changed between 3 and reach and just really couldn't be arsed to list how they made things much easier in Reach(they did make it a lot less fun though).

Also I thought the in game search tool was useless for custom maps etc, I hope 343 give us a website for it like did.

humbleopinion2289d ago

This list has so much fail. I got just to number 8 and couldn't bear to get past it, especially since each item requires you to click and open a new page.

SpecialK2289d ago

Some of those wernt bad. not a terrible list but some bits wouldnt work.

I liked the dynamic map idea. Not like Battlefield with destructible maps, but more like gears of war where bits of the map changed every so often, and the weather could hurt of kill you at times which changed things up nicely.

I also like the making unlockables a little easier bit too, I never went for them but it seems its taken years for a friend of mine to get some of those pieces. Maybe thats what keeps people playing though?

Not sure about custom weapons. Whilst i love having that in some games, its not a part of halo and things like that dilute the great core gameplay it has.

Hayabusa 1172289d ago

Some unlocks are easy, others are hard, because they want to reward people who play the game almost everyday. That makes sense to me. Making all the unlocks easier? Then EVERYONE can unlock them, then hardcore players moan that all the unlocks are too easy...You only want the unlock to be easier because you don't have it, so it has value: if they become too easy then you'll stop caring, that's why they made the unlocks hard in the first place.

Just admit to yourself that you have too much of a life to care about getting certain unlocks. That way 343 won't have to ruin the game for hardcore players, the people who REALLY spend time playing the game and love it for what it is :)

SpecialK2289d ago

Yeah true. As I wrote that i was thinking thats coming from someone who doesnt play halo a massive amount.

tho for some people who pay that game a lot more its good to have something to go for. Once I got all the unlocks on Battlefield BC2 I ended up playing it a lot less so the hard to get unlocks to keep you playing for a long time.

Cerberus292289d ago

I disagree with most of these, except #5, the others have already been confirmed, like #1.

1. Vocal protagonist - they've already said MC is more vocal in this one

2. More playlist - they keep the playlist at a minimal (especially around launch) to keep the population from spreading too thin.

3. Better boss fights - halo, actually most fps', aren't really known for boss fights. That's kind of a weird thing to harp over.

4. More Spartans - meh

5. Smarter A.I. - agreed

6. Custom Weapons - the weapon skins they've shown are the ONLY customization needed.

7. Less grinding for multiplayer unlocks - when I unlock a badass piece of armor, I like to feel like I earned it.

8. Better forge - forge was already badass and only getting better.

9. Dynamic MP maps - great in Battlefield, not for Halo.

10. No more covenant - they've already said the covenant play a much smaller role and the flood won't be in the game at all.

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