Burnout Paradise, Turok & The Club - Guardian Unlimited first impressions

Guardian Unlimited writes: "The post Christmas gaming lull ended this week with the postie throwing Burnout Paradise, Turok and The Club through my letterbox. Only one of those - Burnout - is released today. And the most surprising news, considering the tedious demo, is that Burnout Paradise is really enjoyable.

Not since the similarly free-roaming Crackdown have I had so much fun just mucking around in a game. Driving around the gorgeously depicted environments is entertaining enough and there are so many distractions that the lack of instant event restarts is nowhere near as annoying as feared.

But for me online is the way to really experience Burnout Paradise. It's easy to set up on the 360 - supposedly even easier on the PS3, which has to be a first - and gives the game that glorious Crackdown feel of a living breathing city."

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cartman3133859d ago

Burnout Paradise is a blast. The online really makes it even more fun.

Jamaicangmr3859d ago

How the racing do you really have to keep constantly pausin the game to figure out what route to take because it doesnt give you designated tracks for a race just a start and a finish line? This is the factor that bothered me why i was waitin to buy it rather than day one purchase like i had first planned.