Submitted by articulas 890d ago | opinion piece

Neverwinter - RPG to MMORPG

Neverwinter the new f2p mmorpg based in the beloved forgotten realms setting. Opinionated original article semi comparing Neverwinter to Neverwinter Nights. (E3, PC)

TheGrimBunny  +   890d ago
Good piece!
TheSuperior  +   890d ago
Interesting article
SheaHoff  +   890d ago
I don't really play a lot of MMORPGs, but I may have to give this one a shot.
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   890d ago
Sweet! Can't wait to get my new computer so I can play this!
THESHAUNZY  +   890d ago
Neverwinter Nights finally!

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