Deadpool Announces His Own Video Game

I ANNOUNCE ME...(wait, no. how about...) WE ANNOUNCE ME...(but they don't know who 'we' are) (okay then, maybe...) DEADPOOL ANNOUNCES DEADPOOL!!! (well, that's just silly)

I, DEADPOOL, Reveal That I'm Making

My Own Butt-Kicking DEADPOOL Video Game, slated for 2013!!!

[Read the rest - it's hilarious]

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mewhy322344d ago

YES!!! Deadpool is freaking awesome!!! I can't wait!!

DivineAssault 2343d ago

Now that the rumor of it being on wii u is busted, watch ninny fans start trash talking this game after they were praising it..

sarydactl2343d ago

This should be interesting.