Why the Angry Birds Trilogy is not worth your Money

Angry Birds have touched us all since its original release for the mobile back in December 11, 2009. We've seen four versions of the game, plush toys, key chains, a Co-operative movie that was based on the game " Rio ", and now; console releases... but, this is why you shouldn't buy it...

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r1sh122345d ago

Q: Why you shouldnt pay for this on console,
A: Its free on other platforms.

Rovio is just milking the cow, Im going to get ahead of this and not purchase something that is free (On android at least).

Army_of_Darkness2345d ago

It's a freakin damn free iphone game! and a casual feeling bored so i will play it to waste time on the go type of game to begin with!
I wouldn't be caught dead playing this crap at home lol!

Samus HD2345d ago

Well don't forget the PC version..

live2play2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

repost of my conspiracy theory

now mobile device lovers like the iphone ipad etc say those devices will kill of ps vita, 3ds and consoles because millions download angry birds

and now they are releasing angry birds on 3ds and consoles
(for 30 bucks)

so now no gamer (thats used to playing the experiences the consoles and handhelds like vita have to offer) will NOT pay full price for a half assed game

angry birds will fail on consoles but succeed on ios devices

so now they will use this as proof ipad gaming is better

because angry birds failed on dedicated gaming machines meaning (to them) no one buys games anymore, only on ipad

violents2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

yeah i know right! games that cost a dollar(or you can download the free version)on your phone or tablet are 30 bucks on a console1. HA I say no one buys it.

egidem2345d ago

I was going to say "Who in their right minds would buy this?" and I remembered that there is a sucker born every minute, and Acti is waiting there to take full advantage of them.

It's really sad when companies go to such lengths all for the sake of cash, preying on the uniformed. I don't care how awesome it would sound. It's this kind of ignorance and mentality that will have them killed.

It's like they literally said "Let's sell it to them fools. We'll include in Move and Kinect to justify for the tenfold price per each game. It's a popular game, everyone loves it and we can milk them"

playestate272346d ago

Ahhh, that may be a good point to consider.

NYC_Gamer2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Why would anyone pay 30-40 bucks for 1 dollar mobile games?

cpayne932345d ago

Honestly anyone who does should be ashamed of themselves. Its just plain retarded.

egidem2345d ago

Agreed. There's no justification let alone a good incentive to pay $40 for this trilogy on a console.

Move/Kinect compatibility DOESN'T CUT IT.

WeskerChildReborned2345d ago

It's pretty much not worth your money since if they are free on google play. Seriously, $40 for 3 smartphone games?

h311rais3r2345d ago

Yes.....let's all pay 40$ for something that is worth 1

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The story is too old to be commented.