Game Genie makes a return on the PS3 tomorrow

Hacking is back
I remember back in the day of Nintendo 64, I would take my Game Genie and adjust the game codes to see what other things I could unlock. Everything from Link 3 times his size to opening up single player levels of Goldeneye in multiplayer. Sure there was cheating that could have been involved, but for me, it was more like enhancing. Being able to do and play things that you normally shouldn't, made it more than just a cheating device. Now, eon's later, the Game Genie returns for the Playstation 3.

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violents2315d ago

Awsome, game genies were fun!

[email protected]2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I got a bad feeling about this... (trophy hunter would probably want this more than ever...)

DarkHeroZX2315d ago

Well if this doesn't lock out trophies then why not lol

NYC_Gamer2315d ago

They should lock out trophies for the reason some cheater could just unlock them without much effort

daggertoes832315d ago

Most trophies I think are locked out. Only some will work with the device. Forgot where I read it but mostly no trophies will pop with it.

DarkBlood2315d ago

it depends on the trophy requirements factoring in that you manipulated the save to have a certain thing before it you get it so it doesnt register or something i dont know for sure

online trophies may even work as well but that depends i think

Robotronfiend2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

This device would be the only way I could plat Wipeout or Super Street Fighter 4 (although I'd probably still have to do "C to shining C" normally).