Bagocast: Episode 12 - A New Console? And Walking Dead Gets a Sequel!

In this weeks Bagocast we discuss what we're playing, we talk about The Walking Dead, the kickstarter campaign behind the new "Ouya" console, Michael Fassbender (Magneto!!!) starring in an Assassin's Creed film, as well as answer a few twitter listener questions and finally we intimately discuss Trevor's love of Hentai. Enjoy!

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Orangeandwhite1977d ago

The ouya console defiantly has some potential to be a really good addition to the current market and provide some variety on how we receive our media.

Ajoyshop1977d ago

What's even more cool is that they raised all or a lot of their funding through kickstarter.

Orangeandwhite1977d ago

Also, Walking Dead Season 2?! Amazing! I Cannot Wait!

MitchConcannon1977d ago

Give me more walking dead is what I say.

manlypile1977d ago

I think this "Walking Dead" game is great. Mark my words.. next we'll be seeing The Walking Dead comics and The Walking Dead television shows. You just wait, buddy